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Suppliers cancel electricity supply contracts! This way you can take action


According to the information known so far, some suppliers are terminating their customers’ contracts due to the risks involved in inappropriate electricity purchases, which prevents the relevant suppliers from fulfilling the concluded supply contracts, the Energy Agency reported.

“Based on information from some market participants and customers and SODO, the Energy Agency is aware of the problem of termination of contracts or potential termination of certain suppliers, which is certainly caused by the aggravated situation in wholesale electricity (and natural gas) wholesale markets in the EU and thus in Slovenia. “

According to them, the drivers of high electricity prices are record high natural gas prices, rapid growth of emission coupon prices, declining generation from renewable sources as well as increased electricity demand at EU level and directly or indirectly in Slovenia.

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Customers are informed that if their supply contract is terminated by the supplier, it is possible to effectively prevent possible interruptions to customers, as the termination of the contract is not their fault.

Customers can find a new supplier

The supplier change process is easy and free. “The retail electricity market currently has a sufficiently competitive supply and a stable electricity supplier so that customers can change suppliers on time to provide affordable electricity supply services at a competitive price.”

To all customers who are in trouble or are already experiencing problems and need to change their supplier, “Be aware of price developments and changing supply in the retail electricity market. To reduce the risks of further price adjustments by suppliers, customers can choose electricity supply products with affordable price guarantees, which must also be competitive and not include disproportionate time limits or penalties.

A comparison of offers from all suppliers in Slovenia can be found in the comparison of procurement costs on the agency’s website. Based on the analysis of the retail market, he concludes that such an offer is guaranteed in the retail market. However, it is important that customers respond to new situations in a timely manner.

Payment of the payment slip.

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This is how you can reduce your bill if you change suppliers.

Customers are protected

“Appropriate measures have been taken to protect customers in the Slovenian electricity market. In case of insolvency or insolvency of the supplier, emergency supply will be automatically provided by the distribution system operator (SODO).”

However, SODO must provide emergency care to every home or small business customer, even if they request it.

According to the information known so far, some suppliers are terminating their customers’ contracts due to the risks associated with improper purchase of electricity, which prevents the relevant suppliers from fulfilling the concluded supply contracts. Therefore, the agency states that this is due to its business decision, not the bankruptcy or lack of liquidity of this supplier.

“In such a situation SODO cannot automatically provide emergency care to customers, but at their request. In the case of an emergency supply, the price of electricity is higher than that of competing suppliers, so in our experience emergency customers do not decide for themselves as they can handle the supplier switching process themselves.”

Suppliers who terminate contracts can only conclude on causes, as they do not directly inform the agent about the causes of their problems or business decisions. However, the Agency states that these suppliers “The right attitude towards their customers, adequate level of transparency, and sufficient agile and targeted communication so that customers can change suppliers in a timely manner, thus avoiding temporarily increased maintenance costs due to emergency maintenance or disconnection as a result of excessive action. Complete passivity of the customer. The agency also provides emergency care service SODO’ expects sufficient information from its customers.

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