Tuesday , October 4 2022

Semi-nude as the guy Koper smashed


KOPER – On Monday, at 21.39, police officers reported that one of the stores in Koper had been broken, tattoos and half-naked men. Police officers captured the 33-year-old Koprcan. They found that the company had removed the sweater from its foot, entered the interior, damaged it completely and injured itself. The owner made a written application to damage the foreign bodies.

Police officers used coercive vehicles and took them to detention facilities. PHE was informed of the injuries and the doctor ordered SB Izola to be taken to the suture and further medical care. In 2.15, the victim's examination was completed and the doctor confirmed that he was in custody. Due to a violation of public order, he was given a payment order, PU Koper wrote in his report.

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