Saturday , April 17 2021

PHOTO: "We Meet Tragedies and Happy Tales"

Celje – "This is the heart of the hospital. The heaviest patients are treated here. They always go through the knife peaks, many die. We are faced with tragedies and happy stories," said the professor professor of the 40th year of the independent section for intense internal medicine. d. Matej Podbregar. Today, the department has eleven hospital beds with an annual treatment of 400 to 450 years. Unfortunately, 20 to 24 percent of them are dying.

"We work hard, but sometimes we can't help any more. You have to learn to accept that. It can't be," one of the sisters who are managed by the main nurse, " Darja Podsedenšek. As they wrote on a anniversary, the work in the department relies heavily on three-shift working sisters, about 80 percent of whom are sisters: 80 Nurses have to practice practically every type of control, but they simply do not observe and control the physiological. but also the mental state of patients. Patients and sisters spend most of their time, so usually the first and only ones report changes. They need to have a lot of knowledge, experience and skills to move quickly and appropriately at a given moment. "

Old Head Premium. prof. d. Gorazd Voga stressed the importance of a good team. PHOTO: Špela Kuralt / Delo

The hospital's charter was already known in the 1960s, in order for patients to have an intensive population. As the former president said, this work continued until July, cf. prof. d. Gorazd VogaDe They chose to be an independent department in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Yaz As Vogue wrote, the department has been put together by new physicians: In the Intensive Care Center in Ljubljana, we were training, and this continues to support the department with its invaluable professional organization support. "

Head of Department prof. d. Matej Podbregar says this part is the heart of the hospital. PHOTO: Špela Kuralt / Delo

They have always stressed the importance of education and, as Podbregar said, their advantage is: ılar We have a lot of experts in intensive medicine, something unique in Slovenia. The history of our department is one of the best in Europe. We also consider the summit of Slovenia together with Ljubljana and Maribor Clinical Centers. "Both clinics want to be closer to funding in Celje," said Podbregar. Better quality and faster professional development. "

Everyone, as they say at the hospital, emphasized the importance of the team that is unique in this section. There are seven doctors and 26 nurses. "This section is the hospital's equestrian and one of the foundations where we can carry out the work in this way. Key staff. Franci Vindišar.

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