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Luka Doncic, the first basketball player in Dallas, has lost the Dragic injury #video

On Thursday night, the NBA League entered just one Slovenian basketball player. Luka Doncic jumped to Dallas for the second time this season and lost for the second time (117: 102). Still, the Slovenian miracle child was the first basketball player of the Dallas Mavericks. Miami hosted San Antonio Spurs without Goran Dragic. After all, the fire won the result of 95:88. There were ten games in the program.

The Dallas basketball team suffered a new defeat on the eighth night after winning a victory on Wednesday after a long time against Washington Wizards. Dallas has only three victories in his statistics, which places him in the last place in the Western Conference.

Luka Dončič: 24 points, 6 rebounds, 2 assists, 5 lost balls, 35 minutes played

Luka Dončić makes a free kick against Utah 7: 7.

Luka Dončić makes a free kick against Utah 7: 7.
Photo: Gulliver / Getty Images

100% in free throws

The only bright point for this bribe was Luka Dončić. Luka Dončić who proved to be the best basketball player of the game. After reaching 24 points, Dončić became the best female basketball player. He also recorded 6 jumps and 2 assists in his statistics. The game came together in 7: 4. He was very successful on the target for three points, four to three points. He collapsed on the floor with free throws, hitting all seven. He still has problems with lost balls, five of which he wasted. Average now 20.2 points per game.

Harrison Barnes scored 14, and DeAndre Jordan scored 11 points and 12 rebounds.

The match was decided in the first half

Donovan Mitchell

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The Utah Jazz basketball players have already finished their work in the first half because they left Dallas quickly after good defense. They made use of ten points (18: 8) in the opening quarter, and then the guests managed to get close to five points (21:16), but this was also the slightest delay in the game. Seven minutes before the end of the half-time, local basketball players went ahead 45:21. In the next two quarters, Utah did not narrow down this advantage, and finally won the result: 117: 102. For Utah, it was just the first victory in the home court.

Donovan Mitchell added 23 assists to home-made basketball players, including seven assists and five rebounds. Rudy Gobart scored 17 points and 10 rebounds, while Alec Burks scored 18 points.

Hassan Whiteside came out of just one block to reach the triple double.

Hassan Whiteside came out of just one block to reach the triple double.
Photo: Reuters

Hassan whiteside glows in Miami

There was also Gorana Dragic in Miami at work. The Slovenian basketball player did not hit the ground due to knee injury (right knee inflammation), but Vročica managed to get a match (95:88) at home court without him. Hassan Whiteside was the brightest in local basketball players. He scored 29 points and 20 rebounds in his statistic and threw a nine-block high this season. Some even think they got ten. Wayne Ellington scored 20 points for Miami and 16 points for Justise Winslow.

Sp It would be nice to reach a triple double, ç said Erik Spoelstra, coach of Miami. "Statistics are not as important as they play in defense, at such intensity … We are a completely different team," Spoelstra added.

For Miami, the fifth season wins and the second one is in succession and is now in the seventh place of the Eastern Conference.

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