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Kim and Kanye, California rented private firefighters during fire fighting

The real star and the famous rapper have their own home in California, where they are fighting with one of the biggest fires in US history, protected with the help of special firefighters.

Forest fires still spread to California, flames swallowed up homes of many celebrities or fled their homes. There was also a real star in his house. Kim Kardashian and her husband Kanye WestSo they called special fire fighters for help.

In addition to our $ 60 million villa, they managed to protect their neighbors when they hit the house of Kim and Kanyei.

One of the neighbors said that they were very grateful to the famous spouses to save their homes on the TMZ website. Kim and Kanye also settled in the nearby hotel during the evacuation.

He also settled in the neighbors' homes.

He also settled in the neighbors' homes.
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Many other celebrities remained homeless

But some other stars had no such happiness. Flames swallowed the player's house Gerard ButlerHe shared a photo of his devastated house in Instagram. He was a homeless singer. Robin ThickeLike Butler, he thanked all firefighters and volunteers who "risked their lives while driving safely."

The singer's house was burned too Neila YoungaAs he wrote on the website, the forest has lost his home in the forest fire in the fire, but is now fired again. Also, the flames swallowed the singer's house. Miley Cyrus. The house is no longer standing, “he explained on Twitter, while he was safe with Liam Hemsworth and protected his animals from the fire.

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In fatal fires, the type of stars lost their homes.




Thus, the villas of California wealth were burned:


Fire Camp is the worst in California history

California has declared extraordinary conditions because the Campfire has already lost 42 people and about 200 people are still missing. Most of the victims were burned in cars they wanted to escape from the burning city of paradise. There are still some small fires with more than eight thousand firefighters still fighting throughout the country.

Given the number of victims, this is the worst fire in California history.

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Fire Camp was declared the worst in the history of California # video




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