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Jasna Kuljaj talked about motherhood: "They should still take good care of all this. Yes, how?"

Jasna Kuljaj has been entertaining us on TV screens for years and also on stage theaters for a while. But how did motherhood change her, and what else does the publisher do?

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Jasna enjoys spending time with her daughter Anastasia, so she often does business trips and meetings with her.

Jasna said that she decided on her own, so she found her sport and jumped on the pole. Farklı Unlike sports and aerobics, this training also carries an erotic burden, an he says, starting almost two years ago.

Cute and working TV presenter Jasna Kuljaj he entertained us on his show this season In Black Peter In particular, Jasna, primarily a mother of four Anastasia, a football player with his wife Saso Lalovic. Jasna says human motherhood has definitely changed. “But of course not in character, you're as you are. It is true that you have changed in the sense that putting yourself in the final position is not a problem. She said goodbye to her ego as if it were her own birthday. My mother sometimes had to move the mountains, sometimes unresponsive and tired, sometimes tired and exhausted. I appreciate all women who have a mother and who work at the same time. I really appreciate it! With all that, they still had to look good. Yes how? He is curious to give us a playful presentation that explains how he saw how he was raised. Için I don't have a typical job, so I have a lot of kids around. He's used to interviewing me, so we're quite together despite my obligations. She's a great girl, nothing curious or scary, so she's not afraid of new faces. As for my education, the most important thing for me is that the word I have has something. If I promise him something, I'il do it. But of course, this should apply in both senses – good and bad. If you promise a reward, give it a reward. If you promise a punishment, the punishment must be followed. The words you say must be valid. Once you swear, the boy doesn't take you seriously. "

Jasna Kuljaj and Sasa Lalovic


Accompanied by his partner, coincidentally, accompanied by Sasha Lalovic, a football player who is five years younger than him, Jasna.

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The television presenter arranges the dance with a pole for physical fitness.


Jasna always knew what her job would be. Bile Even as a little girl, I'd go to different TV shows in Maria, Jonas Running in Prison. Reading journalism has always been my goal, and soon I went to my first audition on Radio Slovenia and went down to Val 202. That's how it all started. "

Jasna also dances on the poles, writes her own blog and performs on stage Borka. “It's an egg show, because it's about food, about men who should always forget their anniversaries, stereotypes, and that's enough on the market. Borka offers a different world view … Most of the programs I watched in Slovenia are clichéd. I wanted to give the audience something real. Something not always suitable for TV shows. But that doesn't mean he's not there. " But will the show take a sequel and will he still perform? Erse If they invite me or if they need a good female performance, I play Borko. I don't currently have time to host shows all over Slovenia, so more for specific groups or closed companies. In December, Borka will definitely be alive, but then I think it will be time for something new in terms of theater. "

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