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In Jesenice, they celebrated rich memories with a round anniversary

Although it was the official anniversary of the founding of the hockey organization in Jesenice in January, the jubilee was once more remembered in the city of iron and hockey next year. This time with a gala event in which the memories of the hockey city's rich sports history were rebuilt.

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The net shaking in Styria

2018 is the anniversary jubilee for autumn hockey and on January 6, Gorenjska was celebrated 70 years after the founding of the first club; January 6, 1948, which is the beginning of a long story, catheters are an integral city, hockey, forge and fans.

The hockey in Jesenice experienced many ups and downs in recent years. Then the slip was so bad that he threatened to end the hockey game six years ago, after the collapse of his former club. A hockey and hockey player survived, now with its new sports club again, and as in old times, it still appears at the top of the Slovenian scene, and after a similar crisis in Ljubljana, the old competition between red and green is returning.

Wake up the beautiful memories

Acroni Jesenice, chairman of Anže Pogačar, said: "Our wish and goal is to return autumn hockey to the place where we feel that Slovenia and the region belong to the summit." Said.
Photo: Vid Ponikvar

Today was a day for their beautiful memories: they organized a gala presentation or event at the club, organized by the main sponsor Siij Acroni, for a year, remembering their success, the history of rich sports and thanking many legends on the ice.

In the Gornjesavski Jesenice Museum or in the Kolpern, today, hockey fans and former players were able to watch the gala event, where the head of the current club of Sij Acroni Jesenice. Anže Pogačar He argued that his historically stressed historical aspects, his successful work, and Homan in Jesenice will continue to live in the future. The gathered could also watch the documentary of the RTV Slovenia, which shows the history of autumn hockey and the inseparable link between the city and the ironworks.

It's not just an honorable function, it's a way of life.

"There is a privilege of 70 years, and the honor of being the president of such a club is a great honor, this is not just an honorable function, it is a way of life. I have not chosen a simple way but it is difficult." Our goal and our goal is to bring back the autumn hockey where we believe: Slovenia and the region, "said Pogačar.

Jože Gregorčič Sports Association …

The history of hockey in Jesenice is difficult to collapse in a few paragraphs; A quick overview showed that the first turning point was in 1957, when he returned home with the title of the first championship in 1957, a few years after he started with the formation of a hockey skate at the Sports Association Jože Gregorčič. Yugoslavia.

This was followed for a while in Jesenice, the golden age of honen. Between 1957 and 1971, they were unbeatable on the home stage and won 15 consecutive titles.

For the first time in 1954, Jesenice seized the first artificial ice rink, then shut down, the Podmežakla hall was founded in 1972, and a few years ago underwent a complete renovation process.

HDD Siy Acroni succeeded in Jesenice

Lar Late # The HK Acroni Jesenice, the successor of HK Acroni, continues the tradition of gathering the reputation of its predecessor in Jesenice. In April, the new issue celebrated the third title of the national champion.
Photo: Fotoğrafiga Zupan / Sportida

After Slovenian independence, Ljubljana continued to compete with its rivals: Jesenice was celebrated five times in the first three independent seasons (1992, 1993 and 1994) and in 2012. At that time, the old club was already extinguished, eventually swallowed up with accumulated debts. After two difficult years, a new club was born, the current Sij Acroni Jesenice, already on its way to the predecessor: Jesenice senior champions and the current club has three championship titles.

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