Saturday , December 5 2020

Google Maps is a new "social network"

Should we ask ourselves what the social network is? For the user, the social network can be a place for sharing pictures of cute cats, music or their denominations. However, when we look at the social network from a business point of view, it is seen that the social network is the place where the brand is made, the information about the products are distributed here, the interaction with the consumers is realized and the related information is shared, in some way or somehow it affects the formation of the company's image.

In most cases, companies have a website. So why should the same companies be in social networks? The answer is simple: because in social networks there are customers, users and potential buyers. Where do consumers go to business information? Where are consumers complaining about businesses? In social networks. This leads us to a new question: Which social network should companies invest most of the time and financial resources?

Problems with Twitter and Facebook

Twitter is definitely not the ideal place to communicate between businesses and consumers. On the other hand, journalists and celebrities say Twitter is the only social network. The reason why this is so is because Twitter is mostly used by journalists and celebrities.

Twitter has lost only 9 million users in the last quarter (this includes all the wrong profiles and boots). Currently, Twitter has about 326 million active users worldwide. Twitter for business use isn't exactly ideal. On top of that, we can find pornography and other suspicious content that will not be available on Facebook, for example. In addition, the worst thing about Twitter is that we don't delete comments that appear below our posts. In other words, if we publish and publish something on Twitter, our conversation is interfering with someone who wants to destroy our reputation, there is not much chance to prevent this.

That's why we can see why Twiiter is inappropriate and if we consider Facebook, we're wrong. Recently, the number of negative news about Facebook is increasing. Other types of problems such as this and other scandals encountered by "big F". So, if Twitter and Facebook are not appropriate or not. What is the ideal social network for business use?

There is a "good" social network for business use

Brands and brands need social networks to increase the brand to a higher level and at the same time provide the right attitude towards it. What is the real social network for this? Increasingly, it looks like a real social network. Google Maps.

Google Maps reaches a large number of consumers – more than they reach any social network. Google Maps currently has more than a billion users, and while Facebook has more active users, Facebook will never allow us to achieve it, thanks to the algrotime running in the background. At the beginning of the year, the update to Facebook significantly reduced the organic access associated with an increase in the price of advertising spaces.

Facebook's organic access fell to 1.2%, which means that only 1.2% of your followers see your published posts. Google Maps is becoming an increasingly important marketing tool – and an increasingly useful social network. When a user / consumer wants to find a business or brand, he or she will often use Google's search engine or Google Maps & # 39 ;. The content of the map is automatically displayed between the scanner's hits. This means that a good location on the map is more likely to find your customers. It is also an important physical location that affects, for example, Google Maps results.

However, although Google Maps is not a social network, most of the things that businesses need from social networks will work, according to the latest changes. Google recently released a new feature that allows people to send messages directly to business users through Maps. This feature will appear as a "messages" button that can be used in the app for both iOS and Android users. Customers can order, criticize and request more product information using this button. When a party has a complaint, it can be resolved directly or privately. Since communication is not public, data and similar irregularities will not be misused.

Interesting options in a glass

In addition to the features described above, Google adds another social feature to Google Maps: the ability of customers and users to "track" their business locations. It offers companies and offers various campaigns, events and so on. Let customers know about. The feature will appear as the "Follow" button in the application.

Google Maps provides all the information to all users of the app – and unlike Facebook, which only shows your posts at least. Therefore, it is not any filtration, but everyone can reach the information. Do you imagine a social network that shows all your shipments to everyone who follows you.

All business users who want to use one of the above social properties should use Google's "Business" system and an application that is compatible with this system.

Google Maps offers something that is not offered by another social network. For example, business users can view the interior of their buildings using StreetView's "Indoor Maps" program. This feature will be especially useful when presenting StreetView virtual reality.

Google Maps is not a social network. However, in the latest updates, Google has some basic social features for some key users. These are usually without all the bad things that are destroyed in social networks.

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