Wednesday , October 5 2022

Crazy! US Congress elections for State STA were interpreted by people other than Jernej Stromajer and Natasa Bryski on the left wing


Clearly, the state-run Slovenian Press Agency became the rule that the elections in the United States were mostly interpreted by leftists. Thus, the recent elections in the US Congress were interpreted by Jernej Štromajer, a prominent member of the SD, and Natasha Briški, known in the past as the well-known face of the Metinja list. Second, the current US President, Donald Trump, even acknowledged his frustration that he has not been able to get a more resolute slap on the Americans.

The STA reports that US incidents are prejudiced – the journalist Robi Poredos likes to be like Edward obiitnik.

It is noteworthy, however, that Stromajer is also seen as a commentator for the US election, which is a researcher in American studies and scholars of Fullbright, according to STA reports. Clearly, the US Embassy in Ljubljana recommended it for this post, which was under the leadership of Brent Hartley, an American leftist and a member of the American Democrats.

Recently, Štromajer was supported by renowned journalist Dejan Karbo as an SD candidate for mayoral candidacy.

The election in the United States was interpreted by FDV professor Bogomir Ferfil.

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