Tuesday , July 27 2021

Coasters are excited about the quality of this year's harvest

Among the varieties in Goriška Brda, Rebula reappears that the yield is not particularly high in terms of quantity, but the quality of the product is extremely high. In terms of quantities, the chardonnay variety was particularly high, while the oenologists were most pleased with the red varieties, at the press conference at the end of the harvest at Dobrovo.

Despite the abundance of products, subcontractors previously brought more grapes to the cellar depending on the contracts, last year the crop prices were kept in the wine cellar. The price for special quality grapes or rare varieties of grapes is slightly higher than last year.

For the distribution of one kilogram of grapes, the wines will be between 0.40 and 1.20 euros and the average price in the top quality class will exceed 0.85 euros per kilogram.

This year's excellent harvest is surprised by the vine growers in most European countries, and they think the situation in the wine market in Brda Kleta will be difficult and the pressure on prices will be appropriate. However, in Goriška Brda, they are aware of the quality of their wines, which are a good starting point for selling at home and abroad.

They are also pleased with the quality of grapes and young wine from Vipava. According to viticulture and oenology expert Marko Benčina in the Vipava wine cellar, although the grapes were half white, the amount of merlot was the highest in grapes. Already at the reception of the grape variety Merlot, it was half of the highest quality.

Michael Blaschitz, director and partner of the Vipava wine cellar 1894, said they've set prices for slightly less quality grapes this year, and they've lost a weight between 20 cents and one euro. However, even higher-quality grapes increase the price by 30 per cent, and if they sign multi-year contracts, wine shops are expected at rates up to 5 per cent.

Special wine producers and winemakers in the Vipava valley with high-quality and abundant products, and Goriška Brda are also happy. Dušan Benčina, who was from Lož na Vipavskem, announced that this would probably be a harvest of the century because of the ideal climate during the summer.

"I've already analyzed three wine samples, and two of them are the highest quality. Already young wines are high, what will happen in the near future?" Said.

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