Saturday , April 17 2021

Because of fatigue and fever, he visited the doctor and found that he was infected with HIV.

Sebastjan SitarHIV-infected, stressed the importance of the test. He understands himself / herself and others as a responsibility. Creating awareness is also important. "More information we received, less fear," He is convinced and, as an example, mentions a lesser known fact that a treated person cannot tolerate the virus.

For example, Sebastjan Sitar was diagnosed online two years ago. He made a regular HIV test and his fall survey was still negative. Then, in the new year, due to too high a temperature and fatigue, he consulted a personal doctor who stated that he had high values ​​of hepatic parameters and sent him to the clinic for infectious diseases and febrile conditions.

Both were tested positive for HIV infection and hepatitis C, which were positive. If he had not been involved in the infection at the time, this would probably be the next test within two months of the proposed test program. Men who have sex with men in Legebitra are advised to test for three months. He did a regular test like he said. "always inside your head". "Nothing can stop me from testing. For the sake of calmness, I understand this as a responsibility to myself and to others."said.

The diagnosis shocked her. "Probably nobody does." Recalls. The symptoms did not connect to the infection at that time."Then you go to some stages. First of all to accept it and say that it is not the end of the world" he pointed. She was convinced that everything was happening for a reason, so she always tried to find a positive side. He is currently working as a consultant at Legebitra, and is also approaching negotiations, since he feels strong enough to talk to a person about grain. "It's time to give them a voice" She sure is.

Sexuality – a taboo subject even when talking to the doctor

The diagnosis began the day and since then two tablets have been taken as antibiotics daily.”It's a habit, but I still have an alarm clock, because in this rhythm of life, when you're always working, you can forget it quickly.“ said.

At the beginning of the drug treatment, he experienced some side effects such as nausea and fatigue. In half-year examinations, it checks for contagious clinical blood count and kidney and liver status. "Any deviation, changes therapy" said.

"I have a very good relationship with an infectious agent as well as a personal doctor. I also have a personal infectious agent and if I need anything, I can always communicate with it." The health system experience has been described by Sebastjan Sitar. It was ordered in the last place in the top order for the necessary surgical removal of the tooth. "This is still part of the stigmatization, but under some old protocols, it's better to take a better way than reject me for the last, for no reason," It was optimistic.

She still thinks that sexuality is still a taboo subject for a personal doctor. "This is a lost opportunity. If you are open to a personal physician, you may suspect it and take appropriate measures in the event of symptoms." He stressed.

His mother and friends are about to diagnose, but also in the community."I'm not even hiding my status. If someone asks me, I'll tell him." said. According to her, it is generally known how the disease is transmitted, and there is a lack of awareness that the HIV disease treated cannot tolerate any more. "We need to believe in science, but not our own bias," he also pointed out.

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