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artificial intelligence adjusted polar luster

Huawei recently introduced the new Mate 20 Pro ferry. To emphasize the results in a very special way and to demonstrate superior performance in the field of artificial intelligence, Huawei has formed an artist team and gave them an exciting challenge: catch the sound of light. Combining technology and art, the project transforms the fascinating natural phenomenon of polar luminosity into something completely new – the Symphony of Light.

Multi-month collaboration tested human intelligence skills in recognizing images and creating new sound compositions. Participants encountered a difficult task. They needed a polar glow in Norway and they needed a special artificial intelligence system on the Huawei Mate 20 Pro phone and were learning to automatically recognize their basic features and then convert them into music elements included in a unique symphony using the phone. In the final part of his challenge, a group of artists created a more sensual experience that brought together innovations in the field of artificial intelligence with a previously unheard shadow or aura language.

Great journey: pole glow to last performance

Aurora Hunter Kjetil Skogli shot a pole gleaming under the night sky in the wide-fire area of ​​the town of Tromsø in Norway. When the recording was over, the recordings were sent based on the sound studio and unique symphonies, where the special artificial intelligence system and the Huawei Mate 20 Pro phone were handled by the award-winning composer Mark Sayfritz.

The musical masterpiece was later awarded to James Shearman, one of the best composers and conductors in the world, and a memorable orchestral performance by the famous Brahms Hall in Vienna, Sound of Light. As an inspiration to all travel and expectations, the artificial intelligence capabilities of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro were used.

With the performance of "The Sound of Light," I wanted to feed strong emotions in the audience, so they could feel like a polished glare, and artificial intelligence really talked to them through music. James Shearman, the composer and conductor of the Voice Symphony.

Impossible activation: the role of the Mate 20 Pro in the Light Sound symphony

A very powerful device was needed to make the Light Voice symphony happen. Therefore, Huawei Mate 20 Pro proved to be an indispensable element in the implementation of the entire project. In order for a specially constructed artificial intelligence system to work successfully, it benefited from many advanced functionality, so it was attributed to a major loan for success.

To begin with, engineers were tasked with creating a unique artificial intelligence system that could be taught to identify and analyze different light characteristics. This artificial intelligence learned how to integrate musical elements into a shadow of a pole.

Le With the introduction of artificial intelligence into my music, a whole new set of creative possibilities has emerged, and I can now transfer the shots of the polar luminance to an artificial intelligence system that analyzes parameters such as color, size, shape and speed. When artificial intelligence perceives a particularly dramatic effect of light, it can adapt the sound to reflect the intensity of the composition itself, and then incorporate these elements into the symphony itself, « composer Mark Sayfritz explained.

All created music items normally require very powerful computers during the busy processing phase. However, with the help of a special artificial intelligence system, the team was able to replace the next generation Mate 20 Pro. During the show, the data transformed by telephone was loaded into synthesizers, then refined the symphony with different musical tones.

"The development of artificial intelligence has long been one of Huawei's top priorities. Like other groundbreaking technologies, artificial intelligence enables us to overcome our capabilities and achieve success that has not been achieved in the past. Symphony Sound of Light is a great indicator of this CEE and President of Huawei Consumer Business Group's Nordic region Wang Yanmin said.

Live Symphony in Vienna: a night of artificial intelligence, music and pole flash

Ask a question "How does the polar luminous?" An orchestra performance was performed at Brahms Hall in the Musikverein concert hall in Vienna, created with the help of artificial intelligence. The musical show was played by the orchestra Synchron Stage under the baton of the conductor James Shearman.

Hosted by Ina Sabitzer, Huawei's Voice of Light featured a host of media representatives and other key guests. The performances were striking, and the magical evening contained Genesis, which included the entire process of creating a magnificent project.

Researchers: A brief presentation of the key creators of the Light Voice symphony

Kjetil Skogli, Aurora Hunter: A Photographer and Guide for Finding Polar Gloss in Tromsø, Norway. Kjetil, BBC, 60 Minutes helped capture the polar shadow of many media such as Australia, NRK and others. In the performance of the Sound of Light, it played an important role as a guide in finding a sensitive polar shadow.

Mark Sayfritz, composer: One of the most well-known musicians, composers and producers. The brand has received many awards for its excellent musical history, including Audi, Nike, Levi's, Reebok and his work for the NBA. The role of Mark in the Sound of Light project involved capturing the sound elements created by a special artificial intelligence system and placing them in the symphony. The love of cooperation, the technology understanding and the musical donuts were very valuable in the implementation of the project.

James Shearman, conductor: Music, Harry Potter and Firefly, Beauty and the Beast, and Manchester A British conductor and orchestra featuring over 80 feature films, including by sea. James Shearman's role in the organizer and conductor of the Light of Light was very important in the last act of combining nature and artificial intelligence with an orchestra band.

Synchron Stage Orchestra: Synchron Stage Orchestra consists of selected musicians from the most famous Vienna orchestras. The orchestra operates under the umbrella of Synchron Stage Vienna, which specializes in organizing large orchestral ensembles and performing soundtracks. The orchestra has a lot of experience in the application of film sound bases, and the ability of music to adapt to visual effects has played a key role in the performance of the performance.

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