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An atypical superstar facing the sudden death of his father at the age of nine.

29.10.2019 | 13:10

Gaja Filac (photo: Zarja Jana)

Gaja Filac (photo: Zarja Jana)

Although she is only 21 years old, she plays an enviable role for the beautiful dark-skinned woman from the idyllic village of Krk, where she retired just one kilometer from her mother's house.

Gaja Filach He is only attending the third year of AGRFT but has made several films. These days, they participated in the latest show, the second part of the family comedy Basketball. Gaja spoke intimately with her actress, her eleven and eleven sisters, growing up Sasha Pavlin Stosic Andreja, a stylist and make-up artist, is the mother who supports her father's sudden death, journey, independence, and also the uncertain future of young people.

“Let basketball make a pleasant change in my life. After recording the first episode, we joined the actors, met and met people I admired and respected, because real professionals are everyone in their field and they are very warm people. Every project I join immediately is a new asset for me. I am grateful for going one step further and we are with the main characters of Rant and Smodlak respectively Matthias Brodnik and Klemen Kostrevac "deepen your friendships" He is pleased with Gaius, a very unique, lively and curious child. He liked the memories he grew up in Krka. His family left him to explore the area, becoming a curious, fearless and relentless thug. Dim I loved jumping in the mud and digging and exploring. Even now, after I have worked hard and lost myself in the hustle and bustle of Ljubljana, I prefer to calm down and escape to Krka, where I have contacted again. I know I will always come there no matter what happens in my life. " In the fourth grade, Ivančna was robbing the school desks in Gorica and then enrolled in a school in Ljubljana. From an early age he was pleased to dance and perform. There was almost no school celebration that would not lead or at least attend. Poljane High School was a logical choice for further education. mühürlemek GAJ to His mother left a period of unemployment, so he wanted a "safe" job and a more predictable career for a while and thought about studying law or criminal studies. However, he soon concluded that it was better to follow your heart and do something that makes you happy, and to make you butterflies on your belly and do something without the necessity and real excitement. He has always been interested in psychotherapy and film directing, but his love for the game finally prevailed.

A turning point in life that no one can prepare you for

Gaja is the youngest girl in the family. “My mother is a very brave woman who never had trouble making love. For example, he lived in Novi Sad for a while and was raised by my eleven and ten year old sisters.and Sason and Andreja. After his divorce, he returned to Slovenia, found a new love, my father built a house in Krka and gave birth to me at the age of 36. I was always surrounded by love. The two sisters were very old and soon went to work in Ljubljana and I grew up as a single child just because they came home on weekends. " Gaius remembers. All four women are very characteristic. However, they are all temperamental, causing occasional disagreements, causing disagreements between them. However, when a crisis occurs, everything is instantly forgotten and comes together. They know very well that they can always trust each other, regardless of life's challenges. "I am very grateful for this support and awareness of support, and when the worst comes to me, I know that I have three wonderful women who will always come to my aid and offer my shoulder." He is very pleased with Gaja, who had to leave his parents at an early age, even as a child. Then, at the age of nine, with the sudden death of his father. “No one can prepare you for this. It was a shock to me, but at that time I was a child and I was not aware of the certainty of death. That someone you love won't come back. After his divorce, I visited him several times in Hrvatini, where he built a new home and started shooting. Later, when I grew up a bit and started to discover what it was doing, I realized what a masterpiece it was. Emir Kusturica participated in Fathers' business trip, hits in Underground, Arizona Dream, Red Boogie and more. Maybe he encouraged me to go this creative way. But I took all the trials that came with me as part of my life. I tried to embroider them, I didn't feel sorry for myself or wondered why it came to me. It is and should be lived. is a wise and practical Gaja. He gets what he wants from every person in his life. Together with his father, his love for art, his mother always knew how to learn, did much without the support of men, admired the courage and courage to follow his heart with his sister Sasha; empathy and hearing for a human being. Andrea gladly helped her choose the dress for the film premiere because she didn't pay much attention to her.

Gaja is a very atypical superstar who loves content for everything, not just for being superficial. Admiring strong women. Her beauty is not appreciated. People first notice their personality and character. He believes that even an unattractive person can be beautiful, but if he has such a character, he can easily burn sparkles with his inner embers, not with a smooth nose or perfect skin.

AGRFT lifetime school

Gajazelo is enjoying his life. “I'm very happy to study at AGRFT. I have a great mentor and a great class. Since I've read, I feel I have been given many things that make me more successful as a human being. Everything focuses on life, not acting. For me, AGRFT school of life. I am always used to doing all my work obligations at regular intervals. " Independence values ​​are high in scale. It equates this with pride. He's trying to make him more independent. Orsan If you don't trust anyone but yourself, you're more peaceful. It feels good to learn how to deal with money with all students as well as with other young people. The money given to make early money is not taken, but if you don't have it at your disposal it will disappear very quickly. It is good to realize that as soon as life is not just a flower, parents are not obliged to provide their children with the rest of their lives, but each is a blacksmith of their own destiny. When you learn responsibility, you can do a lot of things and have a good time. " He made his first money at the age of 15 with his feature film Young Rocket. However, it was not very important to keep the Euro in his wallet, but he was very happy to be part of a great project to save and create. Over the years, it hasn't changed much. More than money, he's influenced by the feeling that he's involved in something new.

An atypical student

The young actor doesn't have a typical student life, he doesn't just think about getting a fine, he thinks what kind of party or trip he's going to. He is very calm, appreciates and needs his peace and time with himself. Since he had a very busy schedule, he learned to organize himself well. It is also aware that it can fulfill all its obligations only if appropriate. But it also requires a lot of rest, wellness and quality food. Am If I prepare my body both physically and mentally, my body will withstand a twelve-hour commitment. It is my responsibility to take care of it. I want to get the most out of my work, so I came to prepare for classes and rest the exercises properly. For this, I am interested in sports, socializing with people close to me, running to nature. I'il do anything that gives me peace. " He spends a lot of time in solitude because he feels comfortable and doesn't feel lonely. Last year I was (happily) single. Films increased in popularity, but were not exposed to social media. “Every time and then, the kids come to me with a polite message, but they're usually a lot younger than me and I don't answer these things. So I avoid expectations when they can misinterpret compassion. Without writing coffee invitations develop and my privacy is revealed. But I don't want that. I prefer to see my work speak to me, but I keep my privacy to myself. That's why I avoid interviews. " Explains young actors who feel the fate of young people on their skin. Although he is young, he realizes that he is lucky to be engaged. He knows there's very little work and it's hard to get a chance. The solution to this is to insist. Emek It is important not to give up and not give up. When you remain loyal to yourself, you have the honor. Someone gives young people a chance and exploitation takes place quickly. It's all a school, even if it's hard to say no, to learn how to set limits. Even rejections won't crush you. There is always a need to move forward. It can be very difficult, but it can be. If you believe something, you miss it and you work for it, success comes. It's hard for me to talk about, because I don't know what's gonna happen to me in five years. Life in the hills and valleys, everything is unpredictable. Once you are successful, you can fall to the next instant. And then it must be taken from the black hole. I do this sitting down for coffee and talking to myself. I look at where I made a mistake in the past, and I make a plan for the future. You also need to be objective about what you can do and have no effect on it. It's not right to blame yourself for everything. It's not true you failed because you're bad. Maybe you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. In our profession this always happens. This is why the objective evaluation of the situations in which we find ourselves is even more important. Don't deprive you of negative thoughts, because then you're really forced to dig. " explain how it is collected when it is not good. That's when sports help him. "Dance is always the best antidepressant." up

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