Tuesday , March 2 2021

A picture for blind and visually impaired

How many books are there from shelves, children's rooms and kindergartens? Countless, right? How about typographic picture books for children with visual impairment? There are only three in Slovenian bookshops equipped with end elements, braille and Slovenian texts in a broad customary font, he says. Nina Schmidt, A librarian at the IRIS Center (Education, Rehabilitation, Inclusion and Advice Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired). "In our library, we only have 150 tips in a single copy, because they are produced by hand."

Most attention was paid to the selection of materials.

Now an extraordinary product, a penguin tip and a mysterious grass, the trainer will be richer for the fruit of long-term and heart-shaped work. Mateja Jerina Gubancprof. Mag. prior to. Education at Vodmat Kindergarten in Ljubljana has been running a casino in the children's section of the eye clinic for many years. He said that the penguins were the first Slovenian tip and picture book with black-and-white drawings that portrayed the visual perception of each child, regardless of whether they had visual problems or not. "Contrast is especially useful for children who perceive clear, clean forms and have difficulty in focusing. The contents and relief drawings encourage research, thinking, and discovery."

Mateja Jerina Gubanc will fill a big gap in the education of blind children. Photos: UKC Ljubljana

Mateja Jerina Gubanc has previously worked with two colleagues: Meta, ophthalmologist (author) Manca Tekavčič Pompeand Pike Pike (with author's permission) Marjana MančkaThe first autobiography of the Penguins used in the clinic and at the IRIS Center. The task of trainer Mateja and her colleagues is not easy, because everything they have produced is incredibly fortunate, even when working with visually-impaired and visually impaired children, they are extremely demanding, but at the same time satisfying – even with a child born without their eyes.

Next year for everyone

In the presentation of this important achievement, he emphasized Mateja's honest commitment to the education of blind and partially visually impaired children, developmental psychology and didactic knowledge and experience and emphasized the directorate of the Kindergarten Vodmat. Marta Korošecformer head of the clinic prof. d. Brigita Drnovsek Olup and Head of Children Department doc. d. Manca Tekavčič Pompe.

In manufacturing, they are mostly engaged in the selection of materials that will produce precious stones, sand, soil, grass, water as much as possible.

The single handmade copy of the penguins will be donated to the IRIS Center, mak the second copy will be used in production, both in the clinic and in the kindergarten, because it is easier to approach the world of blindness from the corner of the blind, IR the author says. Andrej Adamek, Janja Hana Jamnikar, Maja Weixler, Manja Žugman, Robert Resman. They haven't counted how much time they spent on penguins, but it's definitely too much. Everything is done manually, thoughtfully and precisely, because it is primarily directed at children who are deprived of seeing (good), and should therefore satisfy other senses in particular.

The content and relief drawings encourage exploration, thinking and acquaintance.

In production, they are interested in the selection of materials to be reproduced as much as possible, such as precious stones, sand, soil, grass, water. Printing of such books is difficult and expensive (special binding, braille, embossing, each copy requires manual finishing.), So they are mostly unique, but next year Penguins can reach a wider audience because, despite the complexity of the press, the project Publisher Lekarna He decided to support Ljubljana.

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