Thursday , September 29 2022

Zilina's criminals arrested youth stolen in the village of Jasenova, 19 and 22 years old


Zilina's criminals clarified the theft from Jasen's village to damage 2,500 euros for two teenagers, aged 19-22. A couple of men's criminals from alındıilina district were exposed and detained.

On 26 October, the perpetrators stole various vehicles from a locked workshop in the village of Jasenova.
. A few young men had to agree that at midnight at midnight they went to the village, went to the desert, and stole various tools from the locked workshop. A BMX children's bicycle was stolen from a wooden chip near the family home.

"Both men charged with the PZ are accused of complicity in theft. The police have secured the stolen vehicles and will be extradited to the owner after fulfilling the required procedure steps. The case was reported by a police spokesman in Jilina Balogová.

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