Friday , September 24 2021

Young Boys Bern – SK Slovan Bratislava (Champions League) 3: 2

today 22:07

ŠK Slovan Bratislava players were eliminated by Swiss champion Young Boys Bern in the 2nd qualifying round of the Champions League 2021/2022. After the hosts drew a goalless draw, they lost 2:3 in Bern in Wednesday’s retaliation. In the European Cup, they will continue to the third qualifying round of the UEFA Europa League.

You can watch Duel Young Boys Bern – Slovan Bratislava ONLINE on Š >>

The Slovak champion moved on to the UEFA Europa League in the 3rd qualifying round, where he will battle Gibraltar champions Lincoln Red Imps to advance to the playoffs. This was eliminated by Romanian CFR Cluj after a 2:1 win. 2: 0 at home. If the “Whites” knock out their opponents from Gibraltar, they will at least make some progress into the core group of the new European Conference League.

Retaliation 2nd preliminary round LM 2021/2022:

Young Men’s Bern – Slovan Bratislava 3: 2 (2: 0)

Goals: 10. Siebatcheu (from 11 m), 24. Garcia, 49. Aebischer – 60. Kanga (own), 62. Henty, ŽK: Fassnacht, Aebischer – Henty, De Marco, Weiss Jr., Rabiu.

They decided: Peljto – Ibrisimbegović, Beljo (all BiH)

Bern: von Ballmoos – Hefti, Camara, Zesiger, Garcia – Fassnacht, Sierro (70. Martins), Aebischer, Moumi Ngamaleu (58. Spielmann) – Elia (89. Lauper), Siebatcheu (58. Kanga)

Slovak: Chovan – Medvedev (46. Zmrhal), Kashia, Bozikov, De Marco (87. Abena) – Kankava, de Kamps (81. Rabiu) – Pauschek, Weiss ml., Ratao (73. Čavirč) – Henty (81. Strelec)

/ debut: 0: 0, Bern advanced to 3rd qualifying round /

From the start, Bern had more balls on his artificial turf and tried to push the guests on the defensive. Hefti had a chance to take the lead in a dazzling left wing attack, but the opportunity was missed when his shot went just over the post in the 6th minute. Then came an unfortunate moment for the guests. Medvedev slipped and slipped inside the penalty area after 8 minutes. Siebatcheu transformed the sentence with an overview. 20 minutes into the game, Camara was going to score another point for the visitors as he broke through the middle and shot from just outside the penalty area, but his shot just went over the post. The home crowd were unimpressed by the brazilian captain’s fancy moves and von Ballmoos’ shot past the goalkeeper. Within minutes, the penalty for missing an equalizing chance came when Garcia fired an inconspicuous move from the boundary of the box and the ball rebounded from behind Chovan to the right post. In the later stages, the Young Men clearly controlled the field, their players were more aggressive in fights, picking up the second balls and leaving nothing to the guests. The “Whites” looked more passive and could not hold the ball in combination for longer.

If the guests wanted to do something else in the match, they had to score a quick goal after the change of sides. The reverse was true, Kashia fouled to punch Eliu, and with a straight-up direct hit, Aebischer hit a great left corner – 3:0. It looked like the forward was decided, but the guests were against. A free kick from just outside the visitors’ penalty area at 60 minutes could have resulted in another goal, but Kanga extended his hand and passed the ball over the post. And in two minutes the difference in score was only one goal, as Weiss pushed Rata, who found the very center of the lone Henty, who did not hesitate in the five – 2: 3 position. With 75 minutes left, Elia could have brought home this goal by attacking from the left, but the hook went a little too high. In the end, Bern tried to control the ball and Slovan pressed high. After 86 minutes, the visitors Kissaava could have seen a tie after touching the middle, but the shot went away. The score remained unchanged as the home team did not have three chances within the allotted time and Slovan finished in LM.

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