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Withings Pulse HR – a wristband that you'll particularly appreciate in sports


The health gadget dedicated company presented Withings Pulse HR bracelet. In addition to 20-day battery life, it offers pulse measurement and other features.

The original Withings Pulse bracelet therefore received an improved update. At first glance, there is an open competition for the Fitbit Charge bracelet in both design and functionality.

SOURCE | Withings

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The wristband can be used to monitor your movement activity, but as Withings Pulse HR offers smartphone notifications, it can also be used as an extended smartphone handset.

The heart rate will measure your PPG sensor. It only works continuously during training. If you are only wearing a bracelet, the sensor will measure the data every 10 minutes. Even with this battery saver, the bracelet offers up to 20 days of battery life on a single charge. The monochrome OLED display is also unpretentious.

An advantage of the bracelet is that it is waterproof to a depth of 50 meters, so it is possible to measure the activity in the pool. We believe that the measurement of swimming lengths forgot to include the authors.

Brace supports three main sports activities – running, cycling and swimming plus 10 sports activities. Other features of the wristband include a GPS, sleep monitor or smart alarm clock that alerts you when you have a slight sleep phase. The maps of the sites you do sports will only show you on the smartphone. For the GPS to work correctly, you must have a smartphone connected to your wristband.

SOURCE | Withings

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If the Withings Pulse HR bracelet captures you, it will be available from December 5, 2018 to € 129.95. If you don't have a gift idea for a husband / wife or child, this sports wristband will be the ideal choice. The price can be compared to the bracelet from the competition – Fitbit Charge 2. Since 2019, there should be several belts for the bracelet.


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