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Will this change the world of Dacia electric cars by € 10,000? – News – Car

Would you expect Romanian Dacia to shuffle the cards in the world of electromobility? With parent Renault he could do it. Electric Kwid goes to Europe. And maybe under the logo.

Renault City K-ZE is already in China ...

Renault City K-ZE already available
It is also produced in China. It would look like this with the Dacie logo.


Today, former Renault chief Thierry at the latest Motor Show in Bolloré
Frankfurt am Main says Renault plans to introduce Europe
Electric car at a price of 10,000 euros. That was really brave.
Because electric cars are quite expensive because of the battery. let's
Sample. Today you pay 17 590 euros for a small Škoda Citigo iV, even later.
€ 3,600 initial bonus will be deducted. Normally, then
21 You pay 190 euros, so the idea of ​​an electric car worth it
half didn't make much sense.

But there is a possibility. In 2015, Renault was introduced in India
Kwid your little passage. Only 3.7 meters long, but practical, with 5 doors
Hit the 300-liter bag. Also surprisingly thanks
sympathetic design. He then expanded to Brazil and named it.
Renault City K-ZE to China as a clean electric car
The version produced at the Shiyan factory. The conversion cost is only 7 967 Euro.
Of course, this charming low price is below average performance and
limited range The K-ZE only uses a 32 kW electric motor. feed
he says that accumulators are enough for 271 km; that sound doesn't sound bad, according to old
EDC standard.

City K-ZE is based on Renault Kwid ...

City K-ZE is based on Renault Kwid.
It became a hit in India and Brazil. It seemed so

Author: Renault

Dynamics are also limited. City K-ZE reaches maximum speed
It reaches 105 km / h and 60 km / h in seven seconds. For car
specially designed for the city, however, are not bad parameters. British
Now he claims that K-ZE is the car Thierry owns.
Bolloré in mind in Frankfurt am Main. Approved by Gilles Normand,
Renault's head of electric division says he will go to Europe
Special version K-ZE. Extremely low Chinese price still
For example, it has made room for some improvements in the security field,
What is important for success in Europe

The Autocar also provides an overview of its average parameters.
electric mini SUV, K-ZE & # 39;
Dacia portfolio as Renault's offer. Customers of the Romanian brand
It's not that hard. Simply parent Renault would be in Europe
an inexpensive electric car that will greatly increase fleet emissions
The group, as claimed, would not be at risk of damaging reputation.
The quality is still higher. And if we dream, he'il be European.
customers managed to deduct tax premiums or direct subsidies from the price
City K-ZE will be one of the cheapest cars on the market.

If it was possible to apply the full amount of the subsidy planned
8 000 Euro for the launch of electric vehicles at the end of the year,
K-ZE will cost only 2,000 euros! Of course, hypothetically. When
This news is going to the market, we do not know yet. Thierry Bolloré specified
He's planning to buy a cheap electric car in five years. By Dacia and Renault
However, due to emissions, they needed a previously existing electric car.
And since the adjustment of CEC does not require large investment,
Renault was told that the entire plan will accelerate.

City K-ZE

City K-ZE

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