Friday , October 22 2021

WFA publishes a short list for 2018 Global Marketer of the Year | Marketing | Press releases


The WFA released the 2018 Global Market Maker nominee for the award, and the short list was the marketing officer for six global companies operating in Slovakia.

These include Ukonwa Ojo (Coty), Marc Pritchard (Procter and Gamble), Raja Rajamannar (Mastercard), Syl Saller (Diago), Keith Weed (Unilever) and Claudia Willvonseder (Ikea).

In the selection of candidates, the panel of judges took into account the exceptional contribution of the three important areas in which the awards deserve this award.

The first is to change your organization with a more personal focus, better responding to customer needs and creating more profitable and more internal teams.

It also has the ability to work with partners (agencies or suppliers) to ensure that the entire team focuses on the same goal.

The jury will also take into account the distribution of inspiring results that are unique, both culturally and socially.

Based on the nominees published for the winner, the jury will decide with all WFA members (50% of the weight in the decision), including the Slovak Association of Branded Products for the Slovak Republic.

People can also vote. The winner's name will be announced in January in Lisbon, Portugal at the Global Marketer Week in March with an official launch. 2017 & # 39; s First Global Marketer of the Year, Unilever & # 39; s Keith Weed.

"Congratulations to all candidates. The president of the jury, David Wheldon, said," They showed all their colleagues the power to play both regionally and globally to build relationships with their customers. "

Olm Half of the candidates are absolutely inspiring to be women in the highest marketing positions of world companies. Although Slovakia is a small market for small markets, the nominated world marketers are also responsible for setting the goals and values ​​of communication for us and for our environment to be inspired. For example, in advertising, progressive approaches to disrupt gender stereotypes. , Added "Omubomír Tuchscher" to Slovak Association for Brand Products.

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