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Vaccinations should also be considered by pregnant women. Can protect the child – Healthy life – Women


Pregnant woman

Ideally, if women are vaccinated before pregnancy.


The immune system of the female organism undergoes various changes during pregnancy, facilitating the development of infectious diseases.

The flu in pregnancy can cause serious complications.
not only to the future mother, but also to the fetus. In some cases, this may
death. This topic was reported by the gynecologist Miroslav Kotek
vaccination of pregnant women.

Before pregnancy, a woman gynecologist must have done everything
compulsory vaccinations. Live vaccines should be given for at least one month
planned before pregnancy. "Vaccination against the greatest importance
sheep flower. May be respiratory vaccines
It is applied just before pregnancy and, if necessary, during pregnancy.
Every pregnant woman should be vaccinated against influenza.
from October to December and also vaccination against diphtheria, tetanosa
Kotek, black cough at 28 and 37 weeks of gestation, "he said.
health status and age of the patient.

Kotek, the mother in the pregnancy
fetal complication. In 2009, he recalled dying of a pandemic
Yari influenza in Slovakia, six pregnant women representing it
46.15 percent of the cases.

The gynecologist also pointed to the transfer of flu from the mother to the fetus.
during pregnancy, but may be the reason of making a miscarriage
in the first trimester of pregnancy. He said there might be a flu virus.
The fetus also causes the neural tube. Mothers to overcome children
During the growth of chicken flu
intrauterine life.

The gynecologist also reminded that postnatal vaccination is important.
"Inoculated mother reduces the risk of infecting her baby.
Even if the mother is breastfed after birth, it is safe for the mother.
An unvaccinated woman against tetanus, diphtheria and black cough
During pregnancy, should be inoculated immediately after birth
She has been vaccinated for the last five years, "Kotek added.
form antibodies that run smoothly in about two weeks

The doctor stressed that the vaccination of pregnant women is correctly documented.
and safe for mother and child.

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