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Trenčín monster is losing seven times in a row. DAC uspel – Fortuna liga – Football – Sports



10.11.2018 16:32

Róbert Boženík, Michal Škvarka

Róbert Bozeník (left) and Michal Škvarka in an archive image. These Zilina players played their goals against Trenčín & # 39; s.

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AS Trenčín won for the 7th time in Fortuna in the top-ranked Slovakia contest. The coach of Vladimir Cifranic, MŠK, coached 0: 2 at the myjavsky "home" stand of ındailina & # 39; s and successfully attacked the first six tables. On the first laufs, they did not play the other eight league duels.

Home owners immediately entered the line from the first tomb opportunity
14 minutes into the game, Škvarka made a disastrous appearance.
MIHALIK. After half an hour aniilinčani scored two goals in the game
lifted Bozenik, who exceeded the author's head of opening intervention
Goalkeeper Hrdlicka Trenčín.

Trenčín gave Zilina a chance after changing sides
Goalkeeper Holec took 56 minutes to shoot Corryna for six minutes
Later, Mance lost his head to the center of Skovajs. Domestic score failed
neither at the time remaining and suffered a fortunaligo loss

Trencin – MŠK 0ilina 0: 2 (0: 2)
goals: 14. Škvarka, 32. Bozenik. They decided:
Weiss, Ádám, TrK: Van Arnhem (Trencin), 415 spectators
Trenčín: Dagger Feed (76th Umeh), Šulek, Mašovič,
Skovajsa El Mahdioui Van Arnhem (70th Zübeyde), Corryn Kvocera (67. Bukari),
Mance, Sleegers
Žilina Holec Anang, Kaša, Šušnjar, Sluka Káčer,
Uglich, Skvarka (80. Králik) Mihalík, Boženík (74. Holúbek), Diaz
(Tomic 88)

Bayo was the hero of the DAC

Dunajska Streda fans won Ružomberka 1-0.

Pod diebratem made an intense entry, 7 minutes Twradzik came on the ball and
Vida toured Macek, but fell in the rolling position
goalkeeper Liptákov. Huk sent his hands over the grass
Gála-Andrezlyho gets a yellow card. 10 minutes after Kalmárová's title
Ruzombery kicked Twardzik on the goal line.

DAC for a moment played the standard on the right-hand side and Davis was forced
A ball to remove the ball from the brunch. 16 minutes to the game,
Daniel took the action on the right wing and found Tandira before the target.
only from the attacker's MFK, the ball jumped out. Guest continued
in the activity, but in the immediate threat of Macka they were no longer leaving.
Liptans remained in their activities and threatened the end of the term. 40 minutes
Daniel-Andresley & # 39; s first action was Daniel and only missed the target.
44 minutes before the hopeful position, Tandir headed to the midfield.
The target where Jedlička stopped.

After switching sides, the house was much weaker than the break and
It's a great battle for two teams to the end. 54 minutes later
Kochan, but in the end it certainly didn't work. Soon Dunajska Streda struck,
The ball left by Bayo on the left was washed over Maciok and
Even the distance to the lawn was very strong.

66. minutes, Jedlička, Gala-Andrezly to capture the chance of a million signed.
A corner shot just behind the DAC goal missed Tandi's title.
With 69 minutes of the game having a good opportunity to give K. Vida a chance to take the lead, but the ball went wide.
Kalmar offered. 73 minutes in, Macík put themselves up 2 – 1, after an attack on the right.
"Ruza" from the 75th minute and the other played with ten men.
yellow card is red Urdinov. After that, they have a close victory.
The ustrážil.

MFK Ružomberok FC DAC 1904 Dunajská Streda 0: 1 (0: 0)
goal: 54. Bayo. They decided: Kružliak – Hancko, Štrbo,
K: Urdinov, Dose, Kochan, Gál-Andrezly Huk, Záhumenský, Kalmár, Kone,
Herc, Divkovič, Jedlička, 39K: 75. Urdinov (Ružomberok), after the second 75K
1749 spectators
Ruzomberok: Macek Jonec, D. Kružliak, Twardzik, Urdinov
Qose, Kochan (61. Mustedanagic) Daniel, Takac (61. Kostadinov),
Gál-Andrezly Tandir (82. Gerec)
Dunajská Streda: Jedlička Záhumenský (46. Bednár), Huk,
Kone, Davis M. Vida, Kalmar K. Vida (90 + 5 Šimčák), Herc, Divkovič
(89 Bilenkyi) Bayou

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