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The number of diabetic patients in Slovakia is increasing, and the largest group is diabetes patients aged 45 and over.

BRATISLAVA, November 12 (WebNoviny.sk) – Last year, more than 22,000 new cases of diabetes were diagnosed in Slovakia. He informed the National Health Information Center (NCZI) in the press release. In 2017, 354,726 diabetic patients (165,285 males, 189,441 females) were enrolled in the diabetes polyclinics in Slovakia.

"The number of patients treated for some type of diabetes mellitus (DM) increased by 5% compared to 2009 and more than 20,000 new diabetes patients were admitted to the dispensary every year" General Director Peter Blaskovits told NCZI.

The majority of patients (321,987) were treated for type 2 diabetes. The rates were 90% and 45 years old and diabetic. 27,108 patients were treated for type 1 diabetes, with 1.369 years of age under 14 years of age. The largest group consisted of 25-64 years (72%) patients. Pregnancy (gestational diabetes) that occurs as a result of hormonal changes and occurs mostly after birth has been diagnosed in 1,504 women.

22.338 new diabetic patients have been added to diabetes clinics last year, 2.7% more than the previous year.

Type 2 diabetes, especially in the 65-74 age group (858,6 / 100,000) and at the age of 55-64 years (776.5 / 100,000), 18,889 people were diagnosed. Of the 1,525 new patients with type 1 diabetes, the 25-34 age group (38.0 / 100.000) was the most important.

Most healthcare providers reported hospitals in Bratislava (558.4 / 100 thousand) and Nitra (474.1 / 100 thousand) and at least enilina (307.1 / 100 thousand) and Trenčín (348.2%). The county / 100 thousand).

Treatment with insulin and antidiabetics

The most common way of treating diabetes is the administration of oral antidiabetic (53%), which is common in DM 2-type therapy. The presentation of regimens (diet, exercise, weight reduction, abolition of harmful habits and others) was treated by 18% of patients.

Insulin treatment required for DM 1 was the most common (95.3%) in children and adolescents under the age of 28.7% and 18%.

Among the chronic complications that cause diabetes, the most common arterial hypertension (202,594 cases) in diabetic patients, lipid metabolism disorder (186,556), diabetic neuropathy (92,608), eye complications (69,926) and kidney complications (45,010).

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