Wednesday , October 20 2021

The exorcists jumped their hair. Serious accusations and atrocities fell. right now


This can still be done.

Lucia Gachulinc and Eva Zelníková jumped in her hair. A sharp exchange of views appeared on Instagram. Lula, a personal communication, where weak accusations and serious accusations have fallen.

Blacksmith was annoyed by a job offer from a company that supports detoxification treatments. Lula explained that it was a big-money scam, but it didn't really help people lose weight.

"I don't want to attack anyone. I respect every election. I just disagree and I'm sick of pyramid work. I think there are better products for this money," he wrote on Instagram.

Source: Instagram / llnzz

Eva, who works with detox treatment, responded with a special message to her story. Blondie didn't hide his troubles and confidentiality.

Unuz A company with 30 years of tradition and you never know it. You don't have the right to judge him and to talk about him because you don't even know the basics of operation. And you'il talk about morality. Eve, who is right about the love of David and let go of Tomy Kotty, he said.

Source: Instagram / evazelnikova

With this attack, they did not end their communication and Lula didn't even put a napkin in front of her mouth: "Please? When I sold this detox, I asked you to draw my stomach and then set me up to make me fat." and let the detox know how it works. "

Your girls don't seem to get together for coffee right now. Whether it be explained as an adult woman or hanging out in battle axes, it will still end, we will see later.

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