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The Department of Defense will get cheaper fuel


According to the lowest bid, Slovnaft will deliver the fuel to the army.

6 Nov 2018 o 9:00 TASR

BRATISLAVA. The Ministry of Defense of the Slovak Republic will have a lower cost for fuels. More favorable fuel prices are due to a public procurement conclusion made by the Ministry of Defense as an electronic tender.

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"The gasoline and diesel prices will be about five percent lower per liter compared to the prices of other wholesalers, and in the case of aviation fuel, the fuel price will be 8 percent lower per liter." Said.

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Public spending in public procurement was published in the Official Gazette and in the European Journal of the Public Procurement Office in May 2018.

Capáková, "Winner, Slovnaft. This will be given a framework agreement with a financial limit of 41,200,680 Euro for a period of four years, with total VAT," Capáková said.

Fuel will be purchased by the facility according to the current requirements and availability of resources.

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