Tuesday , August 9 2022

The current mayor of Nitra will replace the new Hattas: Dvonč believes that the Nitra will move forward


Dvonč lost his athletic defeat. Orum Good, I have to see the reality, I thought it could be done once more personally, because we did very good projects and we did a lot of things. will not go to good things, " He answered his fight, Dvonč. In his words, the outcome of the elections will wait for the deputies. "The council decides on many things, and I will see what the next city will look like," He stated.

Marek Hattas responded to pre-election results

Marek Hattas

Source: TASR – Henrich Mišovič

Since 2006, Dvonč has taken over the city for three parliamentary terms. This year's municipal elections were nominated by Smer-SD and SNS. Computer analyst Marek Hattas is the founder and director of the Hidepark Cultural Center. He said that the first step in the post of president would be the appointment of a chief architect, in-depth supervision of contracts, and the appointment of experts on the basis of social consensus to committees.

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