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Sugar can also be prevented. Do you know how | news


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  • 19.11.2018 09:35



Source: TASR

Katarina Rašlová, president of the Slovak Society of Diabetes Association, showed how diabetes can be prevented.

Regular exercise and healthy nutrition are the most important for prevention of type 2 diabetes. Rašlová said that any regular exercise with exercise or higher energy expenditure is the basis for future health.

In the Diabetes Prevention Program 2002, physical activity has a greater impact on the prevention of diabetes than drugs. Rašlová added that this also applies to other health problems. "The day before, I started a move a few days ago, and I canceled the next day when I got back on the next day or the next day or a five-kilometer walk, and then I could plant both drugs, I went for high blood pressure," said the head of SDS. . Regular movement in the brain also triggers the production of happiness hormones – endorphins.

Nor should we forget to feed. "Each meal should be best balanced with a single piece of fruit or vegetable. Fruits and vegetables contain fiber, vitamins and particles that affect the processes in the human body positively," says Rašlová.

On the contrary, over-consumption of high-energy foods with poor diet and low fiber content causes overweight and obesity. Diyabet This is the most important factor in the development of diabetes, S said Sbs Zbynek Schroner.

Type 2 diabetes mellitus represents more than 90 percent of all cases of diabetes in the world and affects lifestyle and the environment, according to experts. It was once spoken as diabetic, but already present in children and adolescents.


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