Friday , August 19 2022

Students develop an application to improve the learning process


Illustration picture. Photo: TASR – Marko Erd

Bratislava, November 10 (TASR) – The first year of the intricacies of hackathon in Slovakia focused on new technologies, user application creation and block chain. Participants, programmers and marketing experts, as well as students who developed an application to improve the learning process also took part.

”The aim of the marathon was to attract local experts in the field of financial technology and marketing, to support local talents and to raise awareness of this issue,“ he said. The event was discussed by Roman Kučera, one of the 01 participants.

This note, composed of nine-year-old students, developed an application to make notes in digital form. Students also created a platform to express themselves as bullying. According to the organizers, the platform is built on a foundation not far from the basic principles of the vehicle. The jury members have appreciated the biggest money transfer project from Pakistan to millions of euros.

The 12-hour Hackathon, which lasted twelve hours with Forbes magazine, edited the 01FintechHouse, a team of 01 people experts. Financial new technologies or block chain, according to them, does not contain many companies in Slovakia. The role of Hackathon participants was to find the availability of the OneGram digital currency in the application.

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