Sunday , May 22 2022

Sony is still doing well selling PlayStation 4 and PS4 PRO


Sony continues to move. The company managed to sell 86 million consoles in five years.

On the anniversary of the console, which sold 500 million units, Sony released a limited but expensive PS4 Limited with a 50,000-meter translucent cover. PS4, 12300 units were released even before the 20th anniversary of the PS console. Like the Horizon, Zero Dawn lacks balls, but we will surely find them on the TOP10. In addition, the new Spiderman or RDR2 has an impact on increased sales. The ball continues for more next year.

By the way, the best-selling Dualshock black, then blue, red and white.

If you don't have a console yet and you plan to purchase it, the new PS4 PRO can be purchased from stores at € 349 during Black Friday. If the sales pass very well, we will surely exceed the limit of the sold 90,000,000 consoles. Primitive, PlayStation 2 was sold for more than 155,000,000 – this was the cheapest DVD player of its time and PC with Linux support. Retrospective fans are going to sell PlayStation Classic with selected games in early December. For example, Metal Gear Solid will be missing.

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