Saturday , November 28 2020

Slovan's leadership stopped!

They breathe in the past to rest. HC Slovan Bratislava governors, who should be Juraj Široký and Juraj Široký ml, suspended the activity in KHL. The reason for this is the extension of former players.

In the current season, Belasi pays off financial liabilities to existing players who have paid all the money since the beginning of summer preparations. But the problem is the spring of 2017/2018. Slovan can no longer sign contracts with potential reinforcement.

. HC Slovan Bratislava respects the decision of the KHL leadership, in which club members suspend any rights and obligations related to the relationship with KHL. Slovan said the club fully understands its commitments to current and former players and is working on a gradual repayment.

Gradually, he wants to stabilize and improve his financial situation with the introduction of a new partner.

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