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Slovakia has a new lady! She didn't go to the TV, she just had to have the Internet – Lady and her models – Cocktail


17.11.2018 10:56

Slovakia has a new lady. However, the jubilee, the twentieth year of the Miss Universe SR competition, offered something that was not so proud of the organizers of similar projects.

Miss Universe SR 2018 Winner of Barbora Hanová.

Miss Universe SR 2018 in Boiler
Barbora Hanová.
Author: Profimedia

He took one of two Misssk contests on Friday night
24-year-old Barbora Hanova, wearing a shining crown
Prices of sponsors. The winner of the competition is still guaranteed
Participation in world finals. First custodial title returned home
24-year-old Sofia Sekel, Jury of the second jury Kristina

According to images and records on the Internet, the jubilee years were also taken
a similar sign as before. Didn't miss the waypoint
Musical numbers of swimsuits, fashion shows or invited guests. What is this?
much more amazing: beauty contest took place, many
Even the Slovaks don't know.

A new beauty queen in a contest that has run for twenty years.
former beauty queen Silvia Lakatošová, declared in one
Nightclubs in Banská Bystrica. Lakatošová-Chovancová looked to himself
even twentieth year didn't miss stars or stars

The song Mária modírová and Emma Drobná arrived, the moderation done
Matej Sajfa Cifra, but youtuber Gogo and Jasmin Alagič. Banska Bystrica
many guest guests didn't even travel and it was really great to be there
Similar competition has shifted to local interests. No transmission
There was no television, there were live broadcasts on the social network.

Discount: Second Vicemiss Universe SR 2018 Kristína ...

Discount: Second vicemiss Evren SR
2018 Kristína Vargová, Miss Universe SR 2018 Barbora Hanová and the first vicdast
Evren SR 2018 Sofia Sekelová.
Author: Profimedia

In the digital age, this step is understandable and quite possible,
On the Internet, the Musskish transmission looked like this.
Slovak TV on some screens – statistics
In recent years ordinary Misskian showed interest in competition
TV viewers will fall short.

Nevertheless, the question is whether the question is actually similar competitions.
whether they are currently meaningful. Part of this discussion
There are many changes in the rules of many beauty contests in the world.
Miss USA or Miss Germany in swimsuits
They change the entire "industry" with the competition of beauty and are undoubtedly the same
loss of public interest in similar projects.

Will the Internet be omnipotent and will "misskovani" give new form and content? she is
time will show … soon.

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