Friday , May 20 2022

Scientists have made a renewable source of electric energy from common fungus


The so-called bionic mushroom
Bionic Mushroom (PHOTO American Chemical Society)

The best expert of a private American university has managed to create something that is not yet true. Ordinary gooseberries turned into an inexhaustible power source that could provide power to our consumer electronics in the near future.

To create this unusual energy system, graff 3D printer and custom bacteria. A natural one emerged thanks to their capacities to perform photosynthesis. solar panel with your own battery. It's not a surprise to talk to him. "Bionic mushrooms".

Server reported progress Nano Letters.

Eriş By integrating the power that can generate electricity with nano materials that can store electricity later, we can better access, expand, and create a completely new functional bionic system, "he says. One of the members of the expert team of famous professors stated their scientific success margos. Manu Mannoor.

Electricity Production Process (FOTO American Chemistry Association)

Mushrooms why?

The reason they choose the surface of the fungus is that it is an environment where bacteria are found. thrive. As she wrote IndependentThanks to this step, scientists have extended the life of the so-called bio system. several days. So if it continues to continue, the days will also be replaced by months and years later.

We also have to wait capacity increase The energy system, because the existing ones can only produce really much modest amount of fruit juice. Tesla Recalls 65 nano amps.

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