Saturday , May 21 2022

SaS is constantly returning to the fictitious beginning of Slovakia's Twilight Revolution.


On the occasion of the state holiday, SaS representatives expressed their current status in Slovakia.

In 29 years of life in democracy, and in most of the independent states, it is not enough time for many government officials to understand what political culture is and how it behaves accordingly. This opposition was made by the SaS leaders on the occasion of the Day of National Freedom and Democracy War.

"For 29 years, thanks to politicians such as Robert Fico (Smer-SD), Andrei Danko (SNS) and Vladimir Meciar, Slovakia is constantly returning to the imaginary beginning of the Twilight Revolution, fighting for its democratic character, humanitarian and civil rights. This is a repetitive and exhausting match, but those who want to have a good democratic future from Slovakia cannot give up this struggle, "the Liberals said, adding that the match cannot be played.

SaS leaders declare that their party is part of this struggle, and that our political reality holds the torch of liberty even in the darkest days. "In our memory, there is still a reference to the squares in which the totalitarian forces and weaknesses of people participating in the squares with the idea of ​​freedom and democracy are felt. The exact same thing is the same as the citizens lifting their heads again," says SaS, defeating evil 29 years ago He says that he will do anything to prevent this encounter with greed, lies and hatred.

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