Thursday , January 27 2022

Samsung and Android have launched a silent revolution. Folding smartphones reach the target level!


The entire technology world was waiting for a particular smartphone model with a folding screen that could be purchased. But we still have to wait for it. But no one has any reason for sorrow. Samsung has shown a functional prototype, and some announcements have been made to keep our business in the Samsung Developer Conference.

Okay, we might be a little disappointed, because after all these ten years of development, we waited for the classic explanation of the smartphone. But Samsung loves us all, because at the Samsung Developer Conference the device itself revealed some basic information, although it only showed us in the dark. They are still working on the design, but they all point out that something amazing will happen.


Samsung Infinity Flex Screen

Samsung has shared information about the information about the screen. It is AMOLED technology and so thin that it can bend several hundred thousand times without damaging it. New generation folding screens are also ready for mass production for several months. The demo had an ordinary 4.6-inch AMOLED display from the outside, but after the opening, people showed a 7.3-inch folding between the tablets. Samsung received an exciting applause for this moment.


Cutouts in four ways

Samsung also showed four prototype prototypes. They didn't want to talk too much about them, but we can see the following from the picture. The cut-outs are named Infinity-U, Infinity-Infinity-U, Infinity-O, and New Infinity. The first two are typical small segments that match the name. Therefore, there are no major interruptions from Google from Apple or Pixels. What's weird is that this type was the first smartphone that was cut or the first phone.


But more interesting is two more. Infinity-O is like a cut in the corner of the screen where a self-made camera is placed, and that's why it's pretty uncomfortable. Best of all is New Infinity. At this stage, we can only say that Samsung has managed to use drawer design on mobile phones or somehow managed to hide the selfie camera at the bottom of the screen. But the positive thing is that in the future we'll get Samsung's devices with a full rimless screen.

Also changed user environment

As part of these changes, Samsung has also focused on the user environment. This was first named TouchWizz and then renamed the Samsung Experience. The South Korean company has been criticizing these environments for many years because it updates the integration into the operating system, slowing the environment and the devices themselves. But this must be the last.


A new feature is the so-called "UI" designed for maximum usage efficiency. The user will only see the information they need on the screen. Large smartphones with a UI should make it easier.


The nice message is that a UI & # 39; s entering normal Galaxy phones before the folded smartphone enters. Sometimes in January. This was confirmed by Jee Won Lee, senior designer of Samsung's user-friendly environment.

Android ready to do it

A very important fact is also an announcement from Android. This new operating system will fully support folding devices. You should show a new interaction size between the owner and the smartphone. Dave Burke, a spokesperson for the Android family, said working with Samsung was continuing until 2019 when the next generation of high-end devices came on the market. Moreover, he added that such devices will have many more and other mobile devices. tags.


I don't know you, but we think that the Galaxy S10 in our bones could be a breakthrough in design and features after a few years. Samsung is working very hard because Huawei still plays the piano and breathes its neck. And we want this healthy struggle to continue. The winner will be the customer in particular.


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