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PC Revue | Tinder will have a problem. Facebook launches its dating site

About a year after Facebook started testing the appointment app in Colombia, it is now available to users in other countries, including the United States. Facebook Dating for users 18 and older will appear as a new tab in the Facebook mobile app.

People who sign up for an appointment can create a separate profile from their main Facebook profile and meet their potential partners and friends, but can also meet outside their circles with a single click. When creating your profile, Facebook will recommend it based on your preferences, taking into account your interests and activities on this social network.

There is a Secret Crush feature that allows a user to show interest in up to nine of his or her followers on Facebook or his or her friends circle on Facebook. If one of them adds to the list, the app will notify you. However, if the interest is unilateral, this information will not appear anywhere.

Facebook Dating is free and contains no ads. The company strengthened the integration of the dating site with Instagram. As with other appointment apps Tinder and Minge, users will be able to add a module to their profile that displays the latest Instagram photos.

Facebook Dating is currently in 20 countries; Except USA, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Philippines, Guyana, Canada, Colombia, Laos, Malaysia, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Singapore, Suriname, Thailand, Uruguay and Vietnam. The service should reach Europe early next year.

What are the chances of a new date? After less than a year of testing, if Facebook brings to 20 countries, it is clear that it is gaining popularity among first-time users. Therefore, it poses a special threat to Tinder, a unit in the exit area.

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