Wednesday , October 20 2021

PC Revue | Royole introduces FlexPai


Royole's opening machine today introduces a new compact folding device with a flexible display. When the device is halved, the device can act as two different smartphones. When fragmented, it will work as a tablet.

equipment flexpak of At a small press event, he presented Bill Liu, who was looking for his first commercially available foldable phone with a flexible display. Royole wants to take two major flaws of traditional smartphones using FlexPai. Sharpness and sizelessness of the screen for some tasks, such as movie viewing and document editing.

Unlike most other smart phones, the FlexPai screen is not protected, but the OLED screen is printed on thin plastic. It is resistant to scratching and does not break because it is not glass. Without bruising, it can bend up to 200,000 times.

The FlexPai has a hinge in the middle that lets you turn it by touching two ends or expanding at an angle of 180 degrees. The hinge is strong enough to disassemble the device at any angle. For example, you can divide it into an A shape and stop at both ends.

The device has a customized version of Android, called the Water Operating System, by Royole. Designed specifically for the flexible FlexPai display. For example, you can see another video on both sides of the folded device.

The FlexPai supports two SIM cards, so you can use the front and back of the display in a collapsed state, like two different phones, each assigned to another SIM card. But the most useful one can be a flexible display when rounded to a full size of 7.8 inches. Then, the FlexPai is almost the same size as the iPad mini because it is a little heavier and more difficult.

As Liu said, users can save money and load with the FlexPai, because they won't have to buy and carry a lot of devices in their pockets. To get the same user experience, "they will need less and fewer devices".

The story of news was already reviewed by Business Insider and had several reservations. Although in the form of a tablet, the FlexPai is small and thin, not pleasant in half because it cannot be folded flat. In addition, the hinge is a relatively large ridge that is uncomfortable when you wear it in your pocket.

A larger screen offers a better viewing experience, but the screen is not large enough to change a full-size laptop or tablet. Therefore, it is not suitable for editing documents or other jobs.

Royole has already launched a mass production facility and agreed to pre-orders. Deliveries must begin at the end of December. The price of the 128 GB version is $ 1318, for 256 GB, you need to pay $ 1469, which is more than 512GB iPhone XS Max. But so far, FlexPai will be available only in the Chinese market.

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