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Pavol reports to Russian authorities regularly

It is not known how often it goes to the inspection officer and when it is closest.

19 November 2018, 21:19 TASR

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BRATISLAVA. The former Minister of Economy and Television Markis Pavol, who is the defendant in the bail case, is regularly present at the Palace of Justice for the surveillance and mediation officer.

"The defendant appears regularly on the surveillance audit on November 21, 2017, the District Court in Bratislava," KS spokesperson Pavol Adamčiak of Bratislava said on Monday.

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Russia is not known when it comes to the nearest parole officer and when it comes to the nearest. He was last seen a month ago in Bratislava, KS.

In October last year, the Bratislava II District Court (SO) originally detained Russia.

However, by the end of November, KS in Bratislava had taken him into custody and replaced him with localization equipment.

Then, in February of this year, the Supervisory Attorney sought the reasons for the defendant's extension to the "secret" accusation.

Finally, OS Bratislava II failed to meet the demand, and in early May KS ında KS dismissed the prosecutor's allegations as unfounded and accused.

In another case involving Russia – in the case of Silvie Volz's murder case, the investigation is complete.

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On Friday, November 16, the prosecutor and spokesman for the Bratislava Regional Prosecutor (KP) Michal Šúrek said, "In the criminal proceedings in question, the investigation was completed and a study was carried out on the file with the defendant and the victim." Said. He will only decide on the next case after examining the comprehensive paper of KP in Bratislava.

Russian police have accused her of preparing to murder her former business partner Volzova in the past.

Bosnian heroes, Róbert Lališ, alias Kýbel and Banskobystrick were among the members of the Slovak underworld, as were many of the criminals bribed by the bos Mikuláš dünernák, and finally the accomplice of the said Miloš Kaštan.

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