Wednesday , January 27 2021

Organizers had a good conversation with Slovakia

Protest Organizers The government's coalition attacks for a good Slovak Republic are completely unacceptable. They deny the allegations that someone was checking them to pay from abroad and trying to organize a coup. In connection with the allegations alleged by the security forces, they say rumors about intimidation and bullying from the state.

"All fools, lies and fictions" Juraj Šeliga briefed the Námestí SNP meeting in Bratislava in response to allegations of payments and payments made abroad. The initiative also considers that it is unacceptable to monitor it as alleged by state security forces. "We don't understand what legal reasons are. We did nothing wrong" said. They see it as intimidation and bullying.

There is a similar view on the process of the National Crime Agency (NAKA). "We see this as an attempt to intimidate everyone who wants to keep pace with government power" said Šeliga. In connection with NAKA, he added that they requested summaries from their private accounts. "All expenses paid by Slovakia for a good fee are in a transparent account. You won't find a payment from an organization abroad, and you don't say that some American billionaires should pay us. " Highlighted Šeliga.

The Initiative regrets that, after 29 years of the Twilight Revolution, the state is trying to intimidate civil activists. Karolina Farska announced on Friday that it will be held in Námestí SNP on the eve of the anniversary of the Revolutionary Revolution. Šeliga, "& # 39; 89 We started something in November, the change is still going on and we have to finish." She loved it.

Support from protest organizers expressed the initiative. We want to believe we think the police action is unacceptable. "Corruption is part of the initiative," said Zuzana Petkova, "The elite component of the police – the National Criminal Agency was established to investigate corruption and mafia, not to kidnap the activists," he said.

Such a police action The initiative can deter anyone who wants to organize a walk or a show in the future. The Assembly reminded that the right to be buried in the constitution and the police are not protected, otherwise protected. The initiative is the response of almost 200 civil activists and the Slovak people to the killing of Jana Kuciak and Martina Kušní Girişim.

The National Criminal Agency (NAKA) Police Department examines the anonymous delivery of possible corruption offenses in the case of protest organizers for appropriate Slovakia. On September 10th, his doubts were referred to as "uninterrupted persons". A police investigator called people who could be abused or harmed.

NAKA, protesters were called these days by the organizers of their protests, others had to go out on Thursday, November 15th. The filing is said to have been held by a blow and paid by their financier George Soros. Activist Soros, Smer-SD 's leader and manager Robert Fico said.

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