Tuesday , May 17 2022

NAKA intervenes with Kisk


Police from the National Criminal Investigation Agency (NAKA) intervened in KTAG, co-chair of President Andrej Kiska and his brother Jaroslav Kiska, on Wednesday (November 7th).

In this case, the police are investigating excessive VAT reductions. Weekly Plus informs you about 7 days.

Police officers were forced to keep books and computers, according to Kiskovec's weekly news. "The most likely event is a company's tax refund, a weekly paper presumed unreasonably imposing VAT reductions in April 2014, June and November 2013, when a financial police inspector began criminal proceedings in January for suspected criminal proceedings.

The total VAT refund amounted to 146 thousand euros and was related to the cost of the promotion in the presidential election campaign. Police launched criminal proceedings in January. The weekly also indicates that the police sent a post to the entrepreneur Ladislav Bašternák at a time when the police were interfering with the KTAG. However, he appealed.

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