Tuesday , September 28 2021

Miro (29) wanted to teach a girlfriend, tragically ended

Miro († 29) nad Hájik sídlištarm v ěilinŽ učil kamarádku Kristínu (26) šoférovat. But the young woman fell in love with her friend.

There was a tragic accident in Zilina on Thursday afternoon. Kristina (26) from Zilina wanted to learn how to drive even if she didn't have a driver's license. Her friend Miroslav offered to teach her love, so they went along with the red Honda in Hradisko.

Miro got out of that car to beat a young woman. The young male rescuer was hired for about a quarter hour. Unfortunately, Mira has been hospitalized. He took a shot on Friday. "I've confirmed that we are investigating the incident, the cause of the crime," said district police spokesman Jana Balogová.

"We rescued him in a very serious situation and we were hospitalized in the anesthesia and intensive medicine clinic OAIM. Unfortunately, today, a person who was involved in a car accident is dead," Lenka Záteková, a spokesperson for Lenka Záteková, Ph.D.

According to the police, she hasn't been charged yet. Both families are afraid of a terrible tragedy that has become an unfortunate accident.

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