Thursday , September 29 2022

Microsoft is solving the problem in Asia. Most of the computers in stores have pirated windows


The company has inadvertently researched the situation by purchasing 166 plants in selected countries.

A few months ago Microsoft was getting an unpleasant suspicion. Many independent sources have found that their software is being used illegally in Asia. Therefore, the company conducted its own investigation and found that the situation was much worse than it initially appeared. In some countries, 100% of computers contain an illegal copy of the Windows operating system.

Microsoft's investigation was as follows: the company's employees purchased a computer with a licensed version of 166 computers in nine Asian countries. According to The Economics, computers were not purchased in any market or bookstore, but were purchased at regular electronics stores.

Microsoft & # 39; s employees then determined whether Windows is licensed to computers purchased. Result? Only a fraction of the computers had a legitimate operating system, and a pirate version was installed on most devices.

Casting falls to pirates. (Sample picture)

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The percentage of affected computers varies by country. For example, 91% in India, 90% in Indonesia, 73% in Taiwan, 55% in Singapore and 43% in the Philippines, South Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand. Pirate copies were used on 100% devices. In general, 86% of purchased 166 computers did not line up. Their purchases lasted from May to July this year.

Malware and cryptomania mining

Another problem with Microsoft was that it was full of malicious software and cryptogen software, where computers using illegal Windows often had no chance of finding the average user. Not only did people slow down, they could also be victims of serious crimes.

Microsoft has not announced whether it will file a lawsuit against vendors that are selling illegal Windows devices. In similar situations, it is likely that, in the past, it did so.

It was unclear what computer tags were. Nevertheless, there are obviously innocent manufacturers and computers are sold to systemless traders, or OEM licenses and resale are only available on end-traders or distributors. This will also explain a number of cheap licenses for Windows of suspicious origin from Asia.

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