Tuesday , September 28 2021

Lajčák finished with diplomatic dictionary and cleared the stomach

He introduced one of his most seductive performances.

Foreign Minister Miroslav Lajcak did not live before the mouth on the parliamentary external committee. Unplanned, he criticized the UN Global Compact for immigration to disseminate misunderstandings.

He rejected speculation that the UN document would open the way to Europe for refugee waves.

"Whoever says something different, deceives, deceives and misleads. Such statements have already been here. After Slovakia, we are committed to accepting 11,000 immigrants from Africa and paying 800 euros every month. (an) Half a year has passed, where are the migrants? This is not a mistake or a trial. Well then where are the fearers? Are they excused? they spread the trolls and several presidential candidates among them, "said Lajčák.

Immigrants from Slovakia are quiet

He objected that the pact did not support immigration and that combat against illegal immigration was necessary. Için It does not create new rights for immigrants. And did this confirm human rights for immigrants? These include, however, every living entity referred to in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. "Or will we interrogate it in Slovakia in 2018?" She asked the deputies Lajčák.

He also approached the birth of the global pact. "192 states, international organizations, civil society, the academic community – all at a table. This has created a global framework. Every country in the world has some experience with immigration. "What is good, what is bad, what works and what doesn't work. This knowledge gave the countries a whole and called a global framework," he said.

He also drew attention to the position of Slovakia.

"192 countries sat at the table: the typical departure, transit and arrival countries were among them. Let's just assume the Slovak Republic is part of the three categories.

"This framework is also valid for the Slovaks working abroad. Ask whether you have thought about our Slovaks in the past few weeks and that after the media's statements on immigration, you are going through it.

Let's assume the problem has disappeared

He stressed that this was a set of suggestions or goals. . It's not a Bible and it doesn't include orders that we need to observe.

It was noted that people who abuse the theme of immigration do not offer any solution.

"In other words: Don't do anything. Let's assume that the problem disappears when we don't see the problem. If it doesn't, let it take care of others. If you remove the diplomats from the table and tell them not to attend the conferences, don't fight the interests of Slovakia," he added.

“It's interesting that no one calls more than 180 countries to attend the conference. Do you feel that experts in Moscow, Beijing, or Paris have reached the wrong conclusion after carefully reviewing the texts? "He asked.

The problem will grow faster. For example, because of the population explosion. In the caption video, you will learn where the population will grow significantly and where people will fall:

They messed him up.

Despite the flaming statement, Lajčák did not.

In the committee, even with the votes of the coalition members, they voted to resign from the global pact. In the coalition, the minister found only minimal support.

"But I have nothing to sign. There is no sign anywhere else in Marrakech."

Also added a warning.

"I have a certain vision of Slovakia and I want to represent it abroad. If it chooses a policy of xenophobia and intolerance, then it should find another foreign minister," said Lajčák, nominated by the strongest Smer-SD government party. .

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