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How do you deal with disputes in the relationship? There's something different here.


How do conflicts between partners appear with individual signs?

Some couples can negotiate very quickly for reconciliation, others have been discussing for days. Some of them make peaceful speeches, others allow "dial" until aggression. What role does your role and badge play in your role?

Each zodiac sign has some characteristics that express the expression of anger, disagreement and self-defense:


Barnacle fights were very unpleasant. He'il always go under the belt and kill in the same way. There is no land of peace and peace, no place to be understood. If your partner is a baran, he will destroy you verbally if not true – if you have.


Taurus doesn't really want to fight. She prefers to enjoy a loving, peaceful relationship without fighting, but she is unrealistic in long-term relationships. Even if a bull pulls into someone's ring or decides to go in, nothing good is expected. The bull can be very unpleasant, violate and violate every rule you have agreed in an unfair, peaceful way.


She never wins her ship. If you come to face the human being of this sign, all the discussions you have are not even attempting to defend yourself. Because they don't care for victory, but when you stop talking.


He doesn't move, not yelling, but he cares, he does, he whines. So, if you're in a fight with a raccoon partner, just understand that you're losing too much. This is because you cannot deal with your partner's grumpy and unpleasant stuttering.


This sign is literally fighting the race. He is a leftist – he can defend himself, protect his interests, argue whether you have made a mistake or not. This is your taste, and you may have fascinated the extent of admiration in the mirror during a dispute.


If your partner is born in this sign, be prepared to face 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Also, fights seem almost inevitable for life, they fight more, they are happier.


Do you wonder why your weight loss partner has never opposed you and is always reluctant to say anything against you? Don't reach out with a deceptive idea. Scales can't fight and fight, but they can cause you to die. Their behavior can be defined as passive aggressive.


It may seem unbelievable, but the scorpion doesn't like fighting and fighting. Their aggression and the need to cause pain is more about surprise and control. The fight with him isn't complicated, but you have to realize that if Scorpio isn't convinced that you're going to cry at the end of the confrontation, he'll never fight.


The shooter hates any disagreement in the relationship. If he has to fight with his partner, he takes them to kings. Because every conflict is perceived as a disastrous disaster, a slow apocalypse of the relationship. This sign is very skillful in the use of verbal debates, so usually the argument ends with an interview.


With this sign, the struggle and word-action is very difficult. Ibex is very smart, but the words are not very painful. Even if the facts are on your side, you come out of an argument about insults and wounds.


Aquarius is almost always a sign that you have the certainty of victory in the spirits. They can't defend themselves, they can't argue, they try not to use stupid excuses. Easily reach where you want. The second thing, if something really dissolves.

the fish

Fish confrontation is a passive aggressive acting performance. Whenever you fall into the position of a trinity, a martyr, a troubled person, it is only possible to convince you that you are evil. Each of the words will accompany some couples on their side. Nothing is pleasant and often does not solve anything.

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