Wednesday , June 16 2021

Extraliga types: HK Nitra – HC Slovan Bratislava 8: 2

yesterday at 21:05

HK Nitra hockey players won the fourth quarter final match of the Kaufland playoff Tipsport extra league on HC Slovan Bratislava 8: 2, reducing the series to 1: 3.

Duel Nitra – You can watch Slovan Bratislava ONLINE on Š >>

After two-thirds the score was 2: 2, with the guests gathering half a dozen in the final act. The fifth duel is on the Bratislava Ice program on Thursday, April 8th.

Tipos extraliga – quarter-final play-off:

HK Nitra – HC Slovan Bratislava 8: 2 (2: 2, 0: 0, 6: 0)

Goals: 4. Slovak (Bodák), 8. Fominych (Vitáloš, Bajtek), 43. Slovak (Bodák), 46. Holešinský, 54. Bodák (Slovak), 54. Kollár (Fominych), 56. Hrnka, 59. Finlay (Hrnka , Žitný) – 7. Matoušek (Gašpar, Zigo), 9. Maier (O’Donnell).

Referees: Štefik, Müllner – Hercog, Valo, disqualification: 2 minutes 13:18, additionally: Vitáloš, Hrnka (both Nitra) 10 minutes to drop gloves, Maier, Kundrik (both Slovan) 10 minutes to drop gloves , power game: 2: 0, attenuation: 0: 0, no audience.

Nitra: Photo of Cowley – Mezei, Bodák, Švarný, Š. Nemec, Ege, Pupák, Vitáloš – Tvrdoň, Slovák, Holešinský – Finlay, Mug, Žitný – Bajtek, Kollár, Fominych – Šiška, Šťastný, Minárik – Drábek

Slovan: Parks (54.Gudlevskis) – Meszároš, Štajnoch, Sersen, Ališauskas, Maier, Brodzinski, Valach – Gašpar, Harris, Buček – Šišovský, Kytnár, O’Donnell – Rapáč, Zigo, Matoušek – Kundrik, Bortíkendek, Lukošekendek

The opening third was the best in the entire series in terms of hockey. The score ranged up to four in five minutes. Thanks to Slovák and Fominych, Nitrania is ahead 1: 0 and 2: 1 respectively, but Matoušek and Maier managed to punish Nitra’s lack of emphasis on the defense. In the first twenty minutes, Vitáloš and Kundrik were also interested in the change of fist, which the home defender clearly prevailed.

In the central part, the “corgoni” clearly prevailed, but they fell into the well-attractive Parks. Nitra did not use a few re-tricks, and feelings started to escalate in the match. In the 35th minute, Sig’s home did not keep his nerves in check after the foul that came from Mug and later faced Maier in battle. The second duel without gloves was better led by the hockey player Nitra, who sent Maier to his shoulders. After the siren, emotions also increased when a large floor with several players fell on the ice.

The result of the fight was a power play of “whites”. Paradoxically, the best chance was given by the host Minárik, who was captured by Parks during the escape. However, within seconds, the Slovan goalkeeper surrendered. A Slovak shot beat him with a close shot with the second goal in the match and goal hurricane Nitra kicked off. The guests did not catch up quickly, and in the 46th minute the home team scored two goals thanks to Holešinský and Bodák, who pushed him away from Parks’ goal, moving from the blue line to 5: 2. But even Gudlevskis could not stop Nitra from running and scored two goals in three shots. Kollár scored Nitra’s sixth goal and Hrnka placed seventh. Finlay closed at the final 8: 2, and the series moved to Bratislava for 3: 1 for Slovan.

Votes after the match:

Dušan Milo, Nitra’s assistant coach: “We’re glad we won and followed the last third of yesterday. I have to thank all the kids. They gave a hundred percent performance and they put everything in it and it was visible. I think we were more active today and we finally took some chances and scored goals.”

Slovan coach Róbert Rotation: “We wanted to enter the match in a different way than us. The third third did not work for us. We have to forget this game as soon as possible, I personally forgot. We are preparing for a home game.”

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