Wednesday , August 4 2021

British operators will reintroduce roaming fees in the EU. Will Slovak operators do the same?

Players no longer have to abide by League regulations. Therefore, they will again bring additional fees abroad.

Operators in EU countries are no longer required to provide calls, SMS and data “at home” to EU citizens in the UK and Northern Ireland. The same applies to British operators, who can charge fees in Europe “twenty-seven” for British citizens.

It’s going to happen. British operator EE has already announcedfrom next year it will not allow you to use the services as at home. When visiting EU countries, they will charge an additional fee of two pounds (about 2.32 Euros) per day, after which it will be possible to use the services as in your home country. This applies to customers who purchased the program since July 7 and will begin implementing it from January 2022.

From next month, British O2 will start imposing surcharges of 3.5 pounds (approximately 4.05 euros) for each gigabyte of data exceeding 25GB in EU countries.

Local operators have not changed yet

Mobile providers Orange, Telekom, O2 and 4ka prices and conditions have not changed yet and existing benefits apply. However, the changes do not exclude:

Telecom“Roaming in the UK does not change current conditions,” he said.

Orange“For now, we are stuck with regulated prices, we will comment on other possible scenarios when they are realistic,” the operator said.

O2: “Roaming prices in the UK will not change at O2 this year. Our customers will continue to use their roaming services as they have always been, ie at home. However, the evolution of prices in the future will depend on several factors,” the company explained. What factors he had in mind, he did not say.

4k: “Our company has now agreed on wholesale prices with all European operators by the end of 2021. Commercial matters related to international roaming are discussed once a year, usually in the autumn. If a situation arises that would require a change in UK prices for 2022, we would like to welcome our customers to any We will inform you in time of a change,” he said.

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