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Birth at coronavirus time: primary narrated difficult moments, two complex cases! Babies were healthy

This is a special case that requires a specific approach. The joy of waiting for a baby was combined with the fear of whether the mother will be able to do it and how her diagnosis will affect the baby. Experienced paramedics from the gynecology and obstetrics department also faced such a challenge at the Skalica hospital. Peter Budinský, head of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department at the Skalica Hospital, explained what all this brings.

Pregnant women and mothers with coronavirus gathered in three groups

Pregnant and mothers with coronavirus will be divided into three groups by Budinsky. First group It was mothers and pregnant women with no clinical symptoms that we solved gynecological and obstetric problems, counseling, and possibly other pregnancy-related complications, while covid was solved only from an epidemiological point of view. stated.

Little Matejko with her mother Monika from Holíč after giving birth
Delivery at the time of coronavirus:

Source: Skalica Polyclinic and University Hospital

Second group It consisted of pregnant patients with severe clinical signs of coronavirus, where we resolved the complications by administering antibiotics, resp. oxygenoteapiou. “These were then left home, some already gave birth spontaneously, and some are still at home and about to give birth.” matured primary.

Two complicated cases

Third group It is created by mothers on or before the date of birth. “For them, the coronavirus made the situation so complicated that we had to terminate the pregnancy by cesarean section. We had two such cases.” described the situation by a doctor. In the second wave of the pandemic, 13 mothers who gave birth positive had 13 gynecological and obstetric wards.

Matejk does this today.
Delivery at the time of coronavirus:

Source: Skalica Polyclinic and University Hospital

Most of the COVID-positive mothers gave birth spontaneously, and two deliveries were performed by cesarean section in the hospital due to complications. “In both cases, there were severe respiratory problems. Most of the mothers were mild or moderate, mostly asymptomatic. In two other cases of pregnant women hospitalized with covid pneumonia, we successfully managed the treatment of coronavirus disease and the mothers were discharged.” stated.

Peter Budinsky
Coronavirus immediate delivery:

Source: Skalica Polyclinic and University Hospital

One of them has already given birth, the other continues the pregnancy without complications. “The condition of a mother with pneumonia required controlled breathing (UPV), the mother was transferred to another facility after birth and connected to UPV. The child stayed in the neonatology department in Skalica.” Described by Budinsky. At the same time, the hospital records three cases in which mothers came to the maternity hospital and were informed about SARsCov-2 positivity on arrival at the maternity hospital and for which they had already been tested.

There is a strict ban on visits

As far as precautions are concerned, there is still a strict ban on visits. “Mothers are tested for antigen in the maternity ward and then on PCR. Repeated testing of the mothers is directed according to the instructions of the hospital epidemiologist. The positive mother is isolated from other mothers during the entire hospital stay, including delivery.” Budinsky made it clear. They also require a cover at birth from mothers with coronavirus.

Delivery at the time of coronavirus:

Source: Skalica Polyclinic and University Hospital

“Everyone is trying to adapt to the situation and together we are trying to use the opportunities we have so that our mothers feel safe and comfortable and can give birth to a healthy child even in this negative epidemiological situation.” stated. So far they have turned positive to their mothers, and with a few exceptions they are acting and acting responsibly. The staff also observes all the anti-epidemic measures.

After delivered in isolation box

All babies of COVID-positive mothers were born healthy. “Support for early contact of such a mother and child and breastfeeding support after spontaneous delivery are already implemented in the delivery room, where basic pediatric examinations are carried out. Thanks to the excellent cooperation between the maternity staff and the neonatology department, attachment and self-admission. he did not allow this. ” announced the head of the gynecology department.

Delivery at the time of coronavirus:

Source: Skalica Polyclinic and University Hospital

Newborns are placed in an isolation box at the end of the surgery until they pass to the mother after delivery, with the approval of the pediatrician. “All regime measures are set so that covid-positive mothers with babies do not have to leave the room after birth, thus protecting other mothers as much as possible. stated. The mothers are accommodated in rooms with separate sanitary facilities, their food is carried in thermo boxes per room, and screening tests commonly performed on mothers in the maternity ward are planned for these mothers after they leave the maternity ward. transmission of infection. “On the contrary, the birth rate did not fall during the epidemic. It is probably due to the reduced mobility of mothers in connection with the nearest birthplace.” He added Budinsky.

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