Sunday , August 1 2021

Almost half of Slovaks do not think about regular price purchases

One-third of the respondents said they were saving or borrowing for larger expenditures.

Almost half of the Slovaks do not consider regular food or clothing purchases about prices. As shown by the Slovenská sporite fazlaa Survey, in stores, men do not think more men than men. On the other hand, one third of the respondents said they would save or borrow larger expenditures, such as devices, furniture or holidays.

Çıkıy But in general, the Slovaks are more conservative. Of those surveyed, 73% often think twice before spending money, said Slovenská sporite Bucha analyst Lenka Buchláková, while 84% of Slovaks are well aware of their financial situation and their monthly expenses are under control.

Differences in age are not large.

Interestingly, according to the analyst, there were no major differences in the handling of money in different age categories. "People in the 50+ age category are the most responsible for funding this perspective. They are more interested in money in a conservative way, but half of them are interested in different ways of investing," Buchláková added.

The position of Slovaks on investments such as securities, stocks, bonds or funds increased year by year. A quarter of Slovakia has a positive view on investment, about half of them are neutral, and one quarter said there was a negative downturn on investment. Three-quarters of those who invest in such products are well informed about the risks associated with investing in securities, stocks or bonds.

Reserve is important

"Saving and investing in the long term if possible is reasonable. People should consider a deposit in this case. Ideally, you will need at least three to six months' financial back-up to allow you to overcome an improper period, for example in the case of a job loss or a more serious illness or injury. If people want to borrow money, the more sensitive income comes from not only hiding a monthly payment, but there is more to be left behind, almak said Buchláková.

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