Saturday , October 23 2021

A Slovak film that will disturb many people


How did the pardons of ordinary Czechoslovakian President Václav Havel observe the fate of ordinary people and the bloody uprising in the next Leopoldov Prison? This tastelessly prepared Slovak film was selected by the creators of Amnesty International.

The first trailer was left to him today. Content creators have used actual archive images in their creation.

The book masterpiece of Radovan Dunaj, who released the hell, was filmed by a couple of directors Jonáš Karásek and cameraman artist Tomáš Jurek. The same duo was also in the past while working on Picture Nominee.

Üş There are a dramatic story of three families who have set the stage for the creation of great social changes, the collapse of communism and the creation of democratic Czechoslovakia. Their fate is intertwined, linked to Havel's incidents and subsequent events in Leopold's Prison, # the creators are approaching their innovations.

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Premiere for Twilight Revolution Anniversary

It is no coincidence that Amnesia was the premiere for the 30th anniversary of the Revolutionary Revolution. The authors say that their aim is to resolve the social debate about the breakthroughs of modern Slovak history.

Detective-Political Tension Amnesty International stemmed from the authentic venues of the prison of Leopold, which further exacerbated the gloomy atmosphere of the film.

The main tasks included many well-known Czech and Slovak names. Let A .a Geislerová, Marek Majeský or Juraj Bača and Jana Oovhová.

The filmmakers are preparing two documentaries, not only the film itself, but also the direct participants in the Leopoldo rebellion.

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