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Women do their job in this thrilling robbery film led by Viola Davis


Steve McQueen's crime drama is a grieving widow who, after killing his convicted husband in a previous job, must do a robbery job like nothing else in Chicago.

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Widows begin with a robbery gone wrong. When Harry Rawlings (Liam Neeson) was shot in the belly of one of his crew and fast in the queues of the police, he was leading his crew in a heist. The loving moments that cross the bed between Harry and his wife Veronica (Viola Davis) intersect with this crazy scene. In a few minutes, everything was over for Harry and Veronica was left alone.

But before he starts to suffer, Jamal Manning (Brian Tyree Henry) knocks on the door. Harry doubled Jamal and stole his money; Veronica now owes her $ 2 million. A shocking Veronica must find out how to raise this money. Although she lives in a beautiful and untouched Chicago apartment, there are no retired teachers and none of the union members. Everything was her husband's name.

Harry 's driver, Bash (Garret Dillahunt), gives him an envelope being dropped by his late husband. Includes key and address in the vault. He's looking at Harry's notebook, who is aware of every job, communication and future hits. While Veronica is chasing a robbery, Alice (Elizabeth Debicki) and Linda (Michelle Rodriguez) are going to steal $ 5 million, to pay Jamal and divide the rest among themselves. puts

At first, Alice and Linda hesitate, but they finally come aboard after they realize that Jamal is coming after them. Gradually, women bring together every piece of the puzzle in a way that results in a $ 5 million drop. But their robbers aren't as simple as they predicted they were playing against the backdrop of a violent political war for the alderman, a powerful seat in Chicago's local ward.

Jamal Manning opposes his son, Jack Mulligan (Colin Farrell), the son of the former Englishman Tom, who empties his chair due to poor health. Mulligans is a political dynasty known for maintaining power and doing table agreements in the city. Jamal's brother, Jatemme (Daniel Kaluuya), is another loose cannon, using an unnecessary force to take the ones who owed them money. She's hiding in the background and waiting for Veronica to break up.

Based on the 1983 English series by Lynda La Plante, with the same name, the Widows bring together that they are trying to find the only way to know all these volatile personalities. Steve McQueen, a fan of the original series, creates a strong character in Davis' Veronica. Previously suffering from his young son, the ex-wife muted his plate with even more distress. He is also responsible for the state where Alice and Linda are located.

Alice's husband Florek (Jon Bernthal) was physically abused; Linda's husband, Carlos (Manuel Garcia-Rulfo), was a formidable gambler, causing Linda to lose his job. As they prepare for the robbery, they discover different aspects of how far they are willing to go. Linda brings Belle, another powerful single mother (Cynthia Erivo), while women are on a bond.

For the first time, McQueen has been working without frequent collaborator Michael Fassbender, starring in his previous films. Together with co-writer Gillian Flynn, who knows a few things about women being bad, McQueen creates a high-stakes world in Chicago, where patriarchy and money rule dominate. Here, these women need to expose their cards live.

Both screenwriters are twisting and spinning enough to keep this story on the sides of our seats. McQueen is also dealing with the issue of race to remind us of the broken world we live in right now.

I don't know what Viola Davis is trying to do as an emotionally good actress, but once again, another master performed as a grieving widow. Adhesive that holds this film together. Liam Neeson, in a special look, makes a lasting impression as bad-tempered Harry Rawlings. For the characters in the film, McQueen added a nice blend of English and American masters from Kaluuya to the English Duvall.

But the women of the film – Davis, Elizabeth Debicki, Michelle Rodriguez and Cynthia Erivo – are developing steel nerves to attract the essence of their lives. "No one thinks we have balls to do that," Veronica told the crew in the film. No one does, it is very satisfying to ensure that these women see the job done in the Widows.

On November 1, 2018, the Widows became the closing film at the 20th Mumbai Film Festival.

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