Thursday , January 27 2022

Virgin Atlantic faces major threat of pilot strike


More than half of Virgin Atlantic pilots are voting for strike action because the airline said they refused to recognize their trade unions or that they consulted on the proposed changes to their own benefit.

If they approve industrial action, pilots can strike before the end of the year.

Virgin does not recognize the Union of Professional Pilots, representing the 450 pilots of 800 pilots, and instead deals with the British Airline Pilots Association (Balpa).

Steve Johnson, spokesman for the PPU and a former senior Virgin Atlantic captain, said: edi Our efforts to take part in the benefit review were consistently opposed by the company.

Ti Our members have authorized the PPU to negotiate, but for the last two years, the company has chosen to ignore most of its pilots and make a deal with a union that speaks only for the minority. This is a basic mistake. "

Craig Kreeger, CEO of the Virgin, wrote last week to the pilots to explain the changes in their terms and conditions, which the PPU said is a; cost-reducing exercise. Virgin

According to research by analysts in Bernstein, approximately one-fifth of the lucrative London-New York market is located in Virgin.

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