Friday , August 12 2022

"Time to Go to the Doctor": Naked Loboda Fears for Fans (PHOTO)


«Самое время бежать к врачу»: Голая Лобода испугала фанатов (еОТО)

Famous Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda, who is now living and working in Russia, surprised her fans by leaving fans on a alı naked çalışan photo network. Instagram is published in the social network.

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The photo is, how she is sitting bare at her dressing table and takes pictures of her own reflection in the mirror. Interestingly, the singer's lower body was hidden by the table as he was completely naked at the time. Chest in the lobby, hair and legs on the table squeezed. The second angered the audience. ) Sew a pig on the table, his feet on the table ın don't expect it from you “, fazla Too many…“, ”Some of the legs would spread not the shape of the lower part of the legs (feet). And, it seems, it's time to escape from the doctor dub,… After dinner, a broken heart, human, cactus “.. take care of yourself, and pass, ten – writes the user under the photo.

You should also remember Svetlana Loboda, the last interview to grow. In his dialogue with the journalist, the singer confessed that he missed Ukraine. Moreover, she will soon return to her home town, where a stadium will be able to gather the stadium and give them a wonderful recital.

Previously, Loboda was filled with rumors of a romance with Rammstein's lead singer.

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